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A post for Dads being divorced.


The phrase in the image can be reversed too:

First BELIEVE you CAN, then DECIDE you WILL.

Either way your Beliefs and your Decisions will determine what kind of future you’ll have.

A long time ago my 1st wife left me, I remember being in that place of confusion and anger, I remember wanting to blame my ex for everything, I remember feeling betrayed… but then I realised what I wanted more than anything – and everything changed.

I can’t tell you it was an epiphany, or a bolt of lightning in my mind – but at some point I decided my daughter was the most important thing to me and I needed to find a way to build the strongest relationship I could with her – despite the situation.

The solution was as simple as A, B, C – but that didn’t mean it was going to be easy. Some people will tell you what you want most in life is hard because you have to prove to yourself how much you really want it. I’m not sure I believe that.

Once I started down the A, B, C path everything actually got easier in some respects – it still took a lot of self reflection and soul searching for me to come to terms with it all, BUT, dealing with my ex and getting access to my daughter definitely became easier.

There is a way through. You can have a brighter future. I’m living proof of it.

If you are in this situation or know of a Dad who is – take a look at my dedicated Facebook Group: Divorced Dads Rise Up and Be Proud here



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Divorced Dads with kids – Who do you need to BE?


(For any guys going through divorce or know someone going through it.)

So, your other half is leaving you or has left you.

You feel like shit.

Yep, you’re going to feel that way for a while, no magic pill, no shortcuts, just pain, misery, anger, resentment, heartache, confusion, oh – and some more pain etc. etc.


At some point, 3 weeks, 3 months, 3 years – you’re going to say something like: “I’ve had enough of this.” And that is the first step.

You’re on your way. You’ve made a shift. Things are going to change.

At that point, to overuse an old cliché – it’s the first day of the rest of your life.

Phew! Glad that’s over, plain sailing from here on – er…nope.

Now the actual hard work begins.

The hard work of acceptance – accepting the situation for what it is.

The hard work of believing – believing you do still have a compelling future ahead of you if you can do what’s necessary to enable it.

The hard work of choosing – choosing to BE the Man, BE the Dad and BE the Role Model your kids need You to BE.

And the hard work of deciding – deciding to do what’s necessary to make that happen including compromising, forgiving, understanding, committing, listening, bending over backwards etc. etc.

If that sounds like a tall order right now head over to the Facebook page I’m putting together specifically to help you with that…

(If the link doesn’t work go to FB and search ‘Divorced Dads Rise Up and Be Proud’)

It’s not a place to bitch and moan – there’s plenty of other groups for that, but that kind of talk will just keep you where you are. This group is all about positive empowerment – helping Dads find ways to stay connected to their kids by taking back their true personal power.

This process, as painful as it is, doesn’t have to make you hardened to life or to women – you can use it to make you stronger. Remember steel is forged in a furnace, but it can bend and withstand immense pressure without breaking.

Join us and discover who you really are, how powerful this experience is going to make you AND find a way to BEhave in a way that will make your kids Proud to call you their Dad.

Come and join us now… Click   (‘Divorced Dads Rise Up and Be Proud’)

Take care


(And if you’re wondering why this is aimed at Dads and not Mums it’s simply because I’m speaking from experience as a Dad that was divorced.)

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Fascinating Experiment to create discrimination in children


Saw this powerful experiment done decades ago in a school in the US.

Jane Elliott the teacher, created discrimination between best friends in just 15 minutes. This short video shows how and why she did it and how we can all change our own prejudices.





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Reclaiming Your True Identity

With the new year imminent please take the time to watch this enlightening video of Tony Robbins helping a woman identify who she really is.

It won’t be up for long so watch it quick…


CLICK HERE to watch the video

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Be the change…

father holding son's hands

What feeling do you evoke?


If everything really is energy, then we really are all connected – literally, like one drop of water to another in the ocean.

That means whatever I’m feeling, in some small way I’m passing on to you.

What feelings do you want passed to you and what do you want to pass to others?

Strive to thrive



Change Your Mindset,                        CLICK HERE



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Take the opportunity today to try and understand something that upsets you.


This is April 15th page from my book “How To Change Your Life One Day At A Time.

   ‘You’re never upset for the reason you think.’ That’s the title of Paul and Layne Cutright’s #1 Amazon Bestselling book. It explores the root causes of why we are upset, presupposing that what we think we’re upset over is in actual fact a guise for something else completely.

If you find yourself getting upset over all sorts of things it’s possible they all have the same root cause. Once you identify that, you are well on your way to alleviating some, if not all, of the feelings associated with it including: anger, hurt, defensiveness, blame, guilt, shame, confusion etc.

If you do suffer from constant upset this exercise could seriously improve your life. Start by asking yourself: ‘What else could I really be getting upset about here?’ Just explore the possibility. It takes being brutally honest with yourself, are you ready for that?  




PS: You can buy a copy  by —> CLICKING HERE <— 37 Gold Star reviews so far!


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Are you on an upward trend?

Are you on an upward trend?

Are you on an upward trend?

Stuart Young, London, UK


If you take a look at the financial markets you’ll notice there is an upward trend all the time.

Of course, here and there, from time to time, they go down – for a while. But eventually they pick up and continue to bounce back and continue to grow.

Life can often be like this – for everyone.

Everything is going along just fine, life is good, everything seems to be working out just dandy, then bam! A hitch. A stumble. Maybe even a fall.

At that point rather than thinking that everything has gone wrong, that your world is caving in, and nothing will be the same again – realise it’s just a blip on the graph.

Look back at your life, can you see any other blips? Trawl further and further back, surely there were some blips hear and there. You lost a job, a partner left you, or maybe you failed an exam etc.

You got over it right? At least I hope you did.

So here’s the thing, we must look at these blips as simply that: blips in an otherwise upward trend. A crest leads to a trough which leads to a crest and so on.

This perspective (bigger picture) may help you see that your present predicament is temporary and that You can choose to move towards the next crest.




PS: If you are having trouble reaching the crests, if you seem to find deeper and deeper troughs, then start somewhere. Your relationships, your health, your career. If it’s the last one then grab a no cost copy of my new eBook ‘Do You Hate Your Job?right here. And start reaching for those crests today.

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Tony Robbins: How to rescue a business deal.

Stuart Young, London, UK


The brilliant Tony Robbins just released a training video about ‘How To Rescue A Business Deal‘. But it’s sooooo much more than that.

If you’ve ever had to ask your boss for a rise, or to change what you do somehow.

If you’ve ever had to negotiate rates with an existing or potential client.

If you’ve ever negotiated anything to with your job or career whether in an employee role, employer role or even a freelance role, then this video is an eye-opener.

It’s about 38 mins long but I urge you to give it a look and it may just save you, or earn you a ton of money.

Watch it here before he pulls it down:

And no, I’m not an affiliate – I won’t earn anything if you go watch it or buy anything from him. 🙂




PS: To get your f.ree copy of my new eBook ”Do You Hate Your Job?” a full two weeks before it goes on sale on Kindle, just sign up for my f.ree ‘Ponders, Quotes and Questions‘ thought provoking email list here on the top right side of that page and you’ll get details soon.

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Help others by being selfish…

Thought I’d share Neale Donald Walsch’s latest blog post:

“My Dear Friends…

When I was a child, I was told that love means thinking of others first.  Then Conversations with God said I should always put myself first.  Could this be right?  How could I reconcile this with my earlier life teachings?

The answer is that everything has to do with intentions.  If it is your intention in life to live the grandest version of the greatest vision you ever held about who you are, and if that vision of yourself is that you are loving, caring, generous, kind, compassionate, and truthful, then you will behave towards others in a way which could look like you are putting them first.  The difference is that you will be doing this not for others, but for yourself…because this is simplywho you are.

When we do things for others (or imagine that this is what we are doing), two insidious attitudes can appear:  Expectation and Resentment.  We may begin to expect that those for whom we are doing things now “owe” us, and we may experience growing resentment if they don’t “pay up.”

On the other hand, when we do things for ourselves (even if that results in nice things happening for others), it will be difficult to move into Expectation, and virtually impossible to build up Resentment…unless we clearly do not understand the nature of what is occurring.  That is, unless we ignore or deny that we are doing something for ourselves, and actually convince ourselves that we are doing it for another.

In truth, everything you do, you do for yourself, because every act is an act of self-definition.  All of life is a process of deciding Who You Are.  Your purpose is to experience that, and to recreate yourself anew in the next grandest version of it.  This is called Evolution.

So think of yourself first at every moment of decision.  Think of Who You Are, and of what you are trying to become.  Make the highest choice about that – paint the greatest picture you could ever imagine of Who You Are in every place and circumstance – and all the rest will take care of itself.

Love always, Neale”

To subscribe to his weekly bulletin click here:


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The quickest way to feel valued and appreciated.

Stuart Young, London, UK

This is January 3rd of my book:  ‘How To Change Your Life One Day At ATime‘.

Take the opportunity today to thank someone unexpectedly! It’ll change their day. 🙂

We all like to be thanked, it shows us that we are appreciated and valued and probably more fundamentally – noticed!

As we thank another we are sending that person something intangible and immeasurable. But watch the reaction of the recipient. Some will smile broadly and some will beam proudly while others will have a more subtle reaction.

A reaction there will be though. In sending out that thanks you will automatically open yourself to receive it more readily yourself and therefore feel valued and appreciated aswell.

Get in to the habit of enjoying thanking people and it could turn out to be one of the easiest ways to positively influence your life and the lives of those around you.

When you search for the opportunity to thank unexpectedly it will have the biggest impact. It’s second nature to most people to thank someone if we have the door held open for us or if someone gives us a lift but find that occurrence when someone does something they don’t expect you to notice.

Maybe the postman will pick up a piece of litter off your front lawn or the shop assistant might run to fetch that bottle of milk you forgot while you’re at the checkout.

Search for it and you’ll find it and when you do you’ll find yourself searching for that opportunity all the time.

Have fun looking. 🙂




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36 GOLD Star reviews and counting so far!

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