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Change Your Work, Change Your Life


My book is all about ways in which you can change your life. Some are small ways some are BIG! They vary from changing the way you think, to the way you behave, speak and interact with others.

This morning I was reading a Government Report on employee engagement here in the UK and it’s findings were pretty poor. But it was a positive document that encourages the reader to become engaged themselves – at their level. Here are the top two reasons an employee ‘feels‘ engaged with their company:

#1  The extent to which employees believed that their senior management had a sincere interest in their well-being.

#2  The extent to which employees believed that they had improved their skills and capabilities over the previous year.

So, whether you are a manager, leader or an employee of your company discover whether you can say yes to the two points above. If you can’t, bring it to your manager’s attention and start brainstorming ways in which you can be. Engage your colleagues in this process and you may well find you become a lot more fulfilled at work.




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Peeking Through The Veil


I found myself dozing this morning – it was lovely!

Maybe you doze sometimes, Sunday morning maybe. The time between dreaming and being fully awake. Waxing and waning between the two. If you have young children you probably haven’t dozed properly for a while. 😉

In my book one of the guides is to just be still and quiet for 5 minutes as often as you can. That’s because this practice is a lot like dozing. A bit like meditating. It gives us the chance to peek through the veil that separates us from our unconscious. When we doze, our brains drift down into Alpha state, this is a semi conscious state and is a powerfully creative frame of mind – free of the filters our conscious mind normally puts up between the two.

Imagine for a moment that you are in a beautiful bedroom three or four stories above a beautiful city. The tall windowed doors  beside the bed are open and lead to a balcony with ornate iron railings. There’s a gossamer veil obscuring the view, making the outside view hazy and unfathomable. A breeze blows and the veil is lifted slightly, separating in the centre to reveal a glimpse of the beauty below.

That breeze represents your subconscious (unconscious) mind drifting into your conscious awareness. As it does so, you get to ‘see‘ what’s beyond the veil. At the moment your awareness is limited to the four walls of the bedroom. No matter how beautiful the room – it’s a very limited view! Imagine, with practice, you could create that breeze at will. Imagine you could control that breeze. You could peek out over the cityscape whenever you wanted. With enough practice you could get out of the bed, walk over to the window and step through the veil. Standing on the balcony, you would be able to peruse the view at your leisure, taking in all of the detail. You would be able to turn your head (mind) in an instant and take in a different aspect of the city any time you wished.

You would have access to a completely different view (perspective). Would that be useful?

For me, dozing is not so much a luxury as a tool. If I have something on my mind that I can’t quite grasp, I’ll take that 5 minutes and be still. Often my most rewarding ideas come from this state.

Try it and see, it might not reveal a whole lot the first time. But in time, you will undoubtedly learn to love this process.




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Tony Robbins – Change Your Focus, Change Your Life


Tony Robbins, probably the most influencial self improvement guru on the planet, explains in this little 6 minute video how important changing what you focus on is –  if you want to positively impact your life.

By changing your ‘state of mind’, your Mindset, you can change any part of your life. Take the time to watch this little video and get an idea of how you can move forward in any area of your life TODAY! He’s one of my mentors and I’ve learned a tremendous amount from him over the years – he knows what he’s talking about, take a look.

If you want help in changing your mindset, up until xmas my 90 Day ‘Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life‘ Home Study Program is available at absolutely NO COST – when you buy a copy of ‘How To Change Your Life One Day At A Time‘.

Is there someone that you know that might benefit from that?

Grab your copy here

Enjoy the video



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Gain more confidence at work


As you know I’m involved in a radio show at the moment titled The Confidence Reality Series. And I’m learning more insights about where my confidence comes from and how I can tap into my own inner sources of it – at will.

There are many confidence boosting strategies, processes and techniques in my book but today I wanted to share one that’s not. It’s for anyone that may be feeling less than confident in the workplace. Maybe you feel you’re not paid enough, maybe you are overworked, under-appreciated or just don’t feel confident enough to contribute fully in meetings or the office etc.

Try this simple exercise and you WILL feel a boost in your confidence levels:

#1 Write down 5 things you like about your job (no matter how hard, find 5 things)

#2 Write down 5 things you think you do well at work (no matter how hard, find 5 things)

#3 Write down 5 occasions where you’ve helped a colleague

You are valued, you do have skills that the company needs, sometimes we all need to get a different perspective.

Try it and see – and if you feel yourself resisting trying it, ask yourself why.




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Tune in to tonight’s Confidence Reality Radio Series


Quick reminder…

Tune in to tonight’s Confidence Reality Radio Series here:
I will be joining 6 other cast members with our host Soul for another eye opening discussion on what forms the basis for our own confidence levels.

Show’s on between 4-5pm US EST or 9-10pm UK time.

Already I’ve had some real aha moments when pondering how my possessions might effect my confidence and also how our confidence is linked to our core values. Fascinating stuff! I’ve been learning about this kind of thing for years and this is still showing me there’s a lot more to learn. Tonight we talk about our skill sets and what effect they can have.

So please join us if you can – or listen to the replay (at the same link above) which will be posted some time tomorrow.

Hope you can make it.





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An Interview with author WM Paul Young (+ FREE Books!)


Those of you that know me know that I am not one of the ‘faithful’. I have no religion I adhere to, I have no theology that I believe, no dogma to follow. I do however find religion, theology, myth and legend all incredibly fascinating. So it’s with great pleasure that I can share an interview I recently conducted with Christian author of the huge bestseller ‘The Shack‘ – WM Paul Young as he launches his next book ‘Cross Roads‘ TODAY!

I wanted to find out what’s behind the author, his own faith and upbringing. The answers to my questions were both revealing and poignant. Enjoy…


Q: Hi Paul, please briefly explain your own faith and its origins.

A: I have a strong religious background.  My parents were Protestant, Evangelical missionaries and I grew up in the midst of everything that entails.  I also have a theological education, including an undergraduate degree in Theology/Religion, and attended Seminary before the presence of children required the finances.  All of this framed my faith journey, as did all the questions that I struggled with, trying to integrate belief and behavior.  Add to that deep losses and sadnesses such as a difficult relationship with an angry father, sexual abuse within the culture in which I was raised and then at boarding school, and it is a miracle of sorts that I have emerged with a sense of God’s goodness and the fundamental necessity of learning to trust such goodness.  After excursions into other faith cultures and heritages I am settled in the centrality of the person of Jesus, and the Father and Holy Spirit revealed in Jesus.  But all of this is fundamentally relational, not religious and I suppose that is, in part, why what I write has impacted the affective side of people as well as the rational.  Overall, I am grateful for my heritage, recognizing that it was the crucible in which my faith was forged.

Q: ‘The Shack‘ was apparently a morality tale for your children, why was that important to you and what morals does the book deal with?

A: I am not an agenda driven writer.  I am more an exploratory writer who is investigating questions that matter to me and hopefully to those I care about, my family and friends predominantly.  If it turns out to fit the parameters of a morality tale, then so be it, but there was no such intention in the background.  I suppose it depends upon your definition of morality in terms of behavior or belief and the space in between the two.  Truth matters to me, deeply.  I think we are floundering if all is believed to be relative and what is prudent is determined by what is most advantageous or logical.  

Q: Your new novel ‘Cross Roads‘ is based on your own heart-wrenching spiritual journey, can you tell us more about that?

A: There are many layers to that question, so I will choose one and go there.  I was deeply formed and influenced by a multi-cultural childhood, which has been both a blessing and a difficulty.  Being raised a Third-Culture Kid (TCK), outside the heritage of my parent’s cultural history, gave me an ability to see things from ‘outside the box’, which is a gift.  However, one of the common struggles for TCK-ers, is that we don’t know where we belong.  The hardest question we can be asked is, “Where are you from?”  We don’t know exactly what we are being asked.  The main character in Cross Roads has a deep issue of belonging.  He was raised in the foster care system, along with a brother, which tries to meet the needs of children who have lost or never have had a family.  My experience is that for those like me, unless in the course of our lives we find ‘some one’ to belong to, we will never belong ‘any where’.  

Q: What life lessons can the reader take away from ‘Cross Roads‘?

A: Again, I never set out with any sort of agenda such as ‘life lessons’.  I would rather create space, or push out the walls of existing space and make room for others to hear within that landscape whatever it is that God might want to communicate.  Having said that, there are certainly themes in what I write, such as the value of each individual person, of a God who is good all the time regardless of our perception of the character and nature of that God, and that God is involved inside the details of our lives with great respect and affection independent of our ability to perform to religious creed or requirement.

Q: Is having faith important for the reader’s enjoyment of the book?

A: It takes a measure of faith to sit on a chair, but I suspect your question has to do with the background of a person being influenced by a faith journey and culture.  The simple answer is no, the book is a very human story and therefore can be enjoyed regardless of the faith or spiritual affection of the reader.  The questions involved are also very human in the sense that we all are involved on the spectrum between belief and unbelief.  I personally do not see ‘believer’ as a category of person but rather an activity, and like the man who said to Jesus, “I believe, but please help my unbelief,” we find ourselves at different places on the journey.  The point is that we are all on it, whether we admit it or not, or like it or not.  There may be some places in Cross Roads where the reader who has no ‘Christian’ experience or background might find the concepts and dialogue challenging, but as I think about it there will be places that the person with a religious background would also find their paradigm a little at risk.  Such is the wonder of creative fiction and the expansion of space to allow for the questions in the first place.

I appreciated Young’s openness and candor and encourage any of you reading this to take a look at both books, I certainly will be!

On to the giveaway mentioned above… I have been kindly given 2 copies of ‘The Shack‘ and 3 copies of ‘Cross Roads‘ to give away to the next 5 buyers of my own book ‘How To Change Your Life One Day At A Time‘ – I’ll even cover the extra postage!

These will all make excellent Christmas gifts to loved ones, click here now! First come, first served!




PS: Please share this post with fans you might know of WM Paul Young or ‘The Shack‘ – I’m sure they’d appreciate it. 🙂


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Take control of your lense


I was listening earlier today to an interview with Dana Wilde from Mind Aware (thanks Brad). She was describing how the mind works differently from the conscious and unconscious areas. She explains that the conscious mind is in charge of what we focus on at any time. This is certainly my understanding of it from my own learnings.

What dawned on me as I listened was just how important that aspect of our mind is in helping us to change our negative beliefs. I talk about this in my video The Bear Cycle. Your beliefs affect your thoughts which affect your feelings which affect the action you take. That action creates certain results which may or may not be in alignment with what you want in your life.

We credit so much influence to our subconscious (unconscious) and forget that we (our conscious selves) are in control of what we focus on and therefore what messages our subconscious mind receives.

Imagine there is a little YOU inside your mind steering a great big lense around your internal viewing screen. Little YOU can steer that lense over an area of the screen showing your past failures, OR, they could steer it over  the image of your vision board – high-lighting your dreams and goals.

The conscious YOU is in charge of little YOU so you can focus on what YOU decide. So take control of your lense and focus on those things that will move you positively forward in whatever area of your life you wish. Decide today to be more aware of what you are focussing on, if it’s negative, STOP, steer the lense to another part of the screen – zoom in and see how that makes you feel.




PS: I cover all of this and more in my book: ‘How To Change Your Life One Day At A Time‘ still available with my complimentary 90 day home study program – until xmas ONLY. Buy now here.


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