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Is praying pointless?

Silhouette of man praying

Do you pray?


Now this might sound controversial but stick with me…

I believe in praying by the way – just not in the conventional way.

You see if there really was a God, who would he listen to? If one leader prays that his army is victorious and the other leader feels that their plight is worthy and prays that her army emerge the victor, what should The Lord do?

You might say: “Well, he would choose the righteous.” But who decides who is righteous? We do. It’s impossible to fathom what a God might be thinking or who they might support in a conflict. Certainly the terrible acts done in her name over the centuries seemed just and right to the perpetrators, but as we look back we have a different opinion – think Spanish Inquisition!

So what’s my point?

Simply that praying to God to fix your problems is pointless because you can’t know what he has in store for you – he/she may have sent your problems. Better to pray that YOU can fix your problems. This requires taking responsibility for your thoughts, words and actions. This is empowering.

Deciding to pray for your own strength puts the ball firmly in your own court. It can often help to have someone guide you with a roadmap to get you from where you are now to where you want to be.

What do you think?

Strive to thrive




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Ponder for today…

Hitchhikers Guide

What’s your ‘Life Question’?

My Ponder today to my ‘Ponders, Quotes and Questions’ group was:-

In Douglas Adams’ “The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy” the meaning of life was said to be ‘42’. As it turned out, the meaning was irrelevant and it was the question that was important.

What is your meaningful ‘Life Question’?
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How to change your belief about something.


Changing your beliefs can be a bit tricky. Our beliefs are in charge of our decisions. If you want to change your decision making process you need to take a good look at your beliefs.

Take some time to consider what influences you are allowing to affect your beliefs. What papers are you reading? What news stations are you watching or listening to? What do your friends and family believe about certain things?

All these have influence over what you believe.

What beliefs do you have that are either the same as or in contradiction to your parents or even grandparents? Many people will reject the beliefs of these authority figures as a form of rebellion. Those beliefs may become ingrained although years later you may actually believe differently. So how do you know? You need to ask delving questions like:

  • ‘Why do I believe [xyz]?’ and
  • ‘Am I sure that my belief in [xyz] is sound?’ or
  • ‘What evidence do I have for believing [xyz]?’

It’s possible to change a belief in an instant, as with many other changes, it’s the getting ready that takes the time.

Strive to thrive



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How would you answer: ‘What do I need to stop doing?’


Some things will spring to mind immediately – drinking, smoking, eating fatty foods etc. But other things may require some consideration.

Procrastinating, distractability, negative thinking, blaming, judging, laziness and a million others.

Give it some thought and you’ll identify those things that you know you need to stop. Discern if these traits are interfering with your level of fulfilment, happiness and satisfaction in life. You’ll find they are. Now decide to stop them one by one.

It’ll take effort – everything worthwhile does.

Believe me I have plenty of these. I’m working on them but every day requires effort. Some days I find myself slipping back but I take a breath, recognise what I’m doing – then stop.

Sometimes my wife Em helps me recognise them. (If you know what I mean!)  😉

So, what do You need to stop doing?

Strive to thrive



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