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This is right up my street – hope it’s up yours too…

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Want to learn How?


If you are on my daily thought provoking ‘Ponders, Quotes and Questions‘ email list, you would have received this today:

If you know why you haven’t, and if you know why you want to, you just need to know how.

This may take reading a couple of times to really grasp it, to let it sink in so you can Ponder. Once it has, point your mind at something you haven’t achieved yet. Some goal you have in the back of your mind that you happen upon every now and then when you’re having a cerebral rummage!

If you still want to achieve that thing, and you know why you want to achieve it – you literally just need to know how.

Forget about fears of failing or succeeding. Forget about the barriers of not enough time or resources or money. Forget about any limitations you may foresee such as you’re too old, or not fit enough, smart enough etc.

At some point every one of those barriers has been overcome by someone somewhere. In order for you to achieve that thing – you just need to know HOW they did it.

Go rummage some more. Find one of those overdue goals. Ponder on this.




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3 ways to be more creative.

"Ascension" - acrylic on canvas

“Ascension” – acrylic on canvas


I watched a fascinating Horizon program last night about how our brains work while we’re being creative and how we can make ourselves more creative.

It seems that a part of our brain, an area just above our right ear (the anterior superior temporal gyrus), is primarily responsible for creative thought. Due mainly to the length and branching of the dendrites stemming from this area being a lot longer and having a far greater reach throughout our brain than the equivalent logical left side.

A burst of gamma rays erupts from this area when we have moments of insight or intuition.

Moments before that, a burst of alpha waves in the occipital lobe (at the back of the brain) responsible for visual processing, cause a kind of ‘brain blink‘. This ‘brain blink’ literally interrupts our visual awareness which allows the moment of insight to bubble up to the conscious level.

So, what are the three ways we can develop this creative process?

#1 It’s been discovered that by simply doing an everyday task in a different way can raise your creativity afterwards by 10-15%. Think of doing the dishes holding the brush in the opposite hand to normal. Or making a sandwich in reverse order. Or getting dressed in a different order.

#2 Taking a break from your work or a task that is frustrating you. Nothing unusual there you say. But, instead of just sitting quietly for a few minutes doing nothing. Studies have shown that creative thinking spikes if we allow ourselves to do a simple task instead. Take 10 minutes to organise some paperwork, or vacuum, or wash the car. Something that you don’t have to think about.

#3 Practice divergent thinking. Take a mundane everyday object and think of as many unusual alternative uses for that object as you can in a two minute timescale. This exercise literally makes your white matter fibre tracks connect different neural networks within your brain, creating more divergent thoughts thereafter.

My question today on my Facebook Fan page asks if you consider yourself to be creative or logical. Please take moment to leave your reply there or below here.





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Is this the Happiest man in Sri Lanka?

I saw this video today and it reminded me of the post I did yesterday about hating your job.

This inspiring man reminds us all that we ‘choose‘ how we feel about our circumstances. HE chooses to be happy. WE can too.

It’s a Mindset shift.

Take time to smile today, help someone else smile by sharing this. 🙂


PS: Original video here:

PPS: If you would like help changing your mindset watch my free training video here:


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Do you hate your job?

See below for helpful video series if you're one of the 80%

See below for helpful video series if you’re one of the 80%


According to Deloitte’s Shift Index survey up to 80% of people hate their job!

Are you as shocked as I am by that?

OK, I used to be one of them, but I never suspected the percentage to be so high. If you are one of the 20% – good for you. Share your story here, it’ll be inspirational for everybody else.

If you’re one of the 80% – leave a comment over on my Facebook Fan page (or below) – but understand…there is a way out. You can fall in love with your job OR change it.

You do have opportunities – probably staring you in the face. Believe me when I say you CAN live the lifestyle that YOU want. It’ll mean making some changes, but as hard and as uncomfortable as they may be – they sure beat where you are and how you’re feeling right now!

Facebook page CLICK HERE

My complimentary video training series is still available here please share it with any friends or family you may know that hate their job at the moment.

Take care




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For all budding writers trying to create a pitch line for publishers/agents/etc. – excellent formula here…

Matthew Wright

All novels need a logline, sometimes also known as a hook line – a single sentence that describes the plot and acts as a sale pitch to agents and publishers.

The form is usually “[Character name], [character description] has to [action] in order to [result].”

The result usually has an emotional content. Hard to winnow your story down to it? Try this. Begin with the logline instead. All you need, in fact, is a six-sided dice. Roll once for each variable and complete the sentence:

1. Roger Dodger the old Codger,
2. Peregrine Hyphen-Hyphen Folderol,
3. Snoot,
4. Adele,
5. Eric,
6. Heinz Dasistwirklicheinesehrdummelangeswortistesnicht von Abernatürlichistesjaabsolutichdenkeso of Sehrgutwerdeichgehenundhöreaufmeinekraftwerkalben,

1. a world-renowned horologist,
2. a rock god,
3. an up-and-coming railway enthusiast,
4. a truck driver specialising in cab-over series Macks,
5. an unemployed random-generator writer,
6. a rodent exterminator,

has to

1. win a challenging drag race
2. build a box-girder bridge with a…

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How to Know When You’ve Found Your Purpose in Life

Oprah interviews Caroline Myss about knowing if you are on the right path for you.

Caroline Myss is a five-time New York Timesbestselling author and internationally renowned speaker in the fields of human consciousness, spirituality and mysticism, health, energy medicine, and the science of medical intuition.

She shares some enlightening insights in this 5 min video.




PS: If you’re struggling to identify your own path in life, my own book and complimentary program will certainly help with that. Check out my free introductory video training series here: CLICK HERE


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Peace or Passion – which do you prefer?


I ask this question on my Facebook Fan page today.

Now it won’t surprise you to learn that the origins of the word peace derive from words meaning ‘tranquility‘ ‘cessation or absence of war‘ ‘agreement‘ and ‘silence‘, but, were you aware that the origins of the word passion derive from ‘suffering‘, ‘anger‘ and ‘to endure‘?

This makes me wonder as I am doing Chris and Janet Attwood’s Passion Test again this weekend (- it’s recommended to do it every 6 months or so).

I wondered what made me angry? What was I willing to suffer or endure? When considering your own passions in these terms you may find deeper meaning in your answers. Certainly following your passion can be a bumpy road, it can often take resilience and tenacity to not give up. For many it may be friction free and easy!

Give it some thought, I’d love to see your comments over on my FACEBOOK page or below here if you prefer.




PS: I’m now providing Skype coaching calls (also Facebook Chat) for anyone that might want some help discovering their own Passions. :)


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Is your life governed by Free Will or Fate?

Photo credit:

Photo credit:


Life’s a lottery – some people say. As if they have no choice in what happens to them.

Others believe in Free Will, which according to the latest neuroscience could also be an illusion constructed by our brain.

Here’s what I think: whether you believe in fate or free will, making choices in life is a positive step. If fate exists you can’t make a wrong decision as it was already predetermined you would make that choice – so you might as well get on and make whatever choices you want.

If you believe in free will, then by making choices you are acting on what you believe so that must be the right thing – right?

Whatever you believe, get on  with choosing the life you want and stop waiting for it to fall into your lap. The more control you feel you have over your own life, the more confident you will feel – even if that control is an illusion! So be bold and take action.

Would love you to share your views over on my Facebook Fan page or below here.




PS: I’m now providing Skype coaching calls (also Facebook Chat) for anyone that might want some help with making their own decisions. :)


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