Are you on an upward trend?

Are you on an upward trend?

Are you on an upward trend?

Stuart Young, London, UK


If you take a look at the financial markets you’ll notice there is an upward trend all the time.

Of course, here and there, from time to time, they go down – for a while. But eventually they pick up and continue to bounce back and continue to grow.

Life can often be like this – for everyone.

Everything is going along just fine, life is good, everything seems to be working out just dandy, then bam! A hitch. A stumble. Maybe even a fall.

At that point rather than thinking that everything has gone wrong, that your world is caving in, and nothing will be the same again – realise it’s just a blip on the graph.

Look back at your life, can you see any other blips? Trawl further and further back, surely there were some blips hear and there. You lost a job, a partner left you, or maybe you failed an exam etc.

You got over it right? At least I hope you did.

So here’s the thing, we must look at these blips as simply that: blips in an otherwise upward trend. A crest leads to a trough which leads to a crest and so on.

This perspective (bigger picture) may help you see that your present predicament is temporary and that You can choose to move towards the next crest.




PS: If you are having trouble reaching the crests, if you seem to find deeper and deeper troughs, then start somewhere. Your relationships, your health, your career. If it’s the last one then grab a no cost copy of my new eBook ‘Do You Hate Your Job?right here. And start reaching for those crests today.

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