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Magick is a load of baloney! Isn’t it?

Magick symbols

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When we think of magic (or magick) we think of some exponent reciting a spell and ‘poof’ a unicorn appears on their lawn, or a million pounds appears in their bank account.

Hollywood magic!

In my opinion that is baloney. But, what about ‘real’ magick?

Real magick in my opinion is the ability to bring into reality that which starts off in our imagination. Sounds easy doesn’t it, and it is to some extent. We’re doing it all the time, every one of us.

What we don’t do is bring that which we desire into reality. We tend to bring that which we are scared of, or that which we have a belief system for, or that which we think is all we deserve.

The Secret

The Secret” made a big splash a few years ago explaining the Law of Attraction, like attracts like etc. It proposed that all you had to do was get into the same ‘vibration‘ as that which you desire and the universe will bring it to you – like magic!

I’m afraid that’s a bit too simplistic.

However, the right state of mind is a key part of getting what you desire in life. In fact I saw a fascinating documentary a while back that showed different individuals and their journey to achieving something. Those with negative states of mind (the, I only have bad luck group) found it almost impossible to recognise opportunity, even when the program makers tried their hardest to present opportunities directly to them. On the other side, the positive minded individuals spotted opportunity everywhere and constantly moved towards them.

There are many, many ways to teach yourself how to have a more positive state of mind and today I wanted to share a ‘magick‘ trick that will help, and that I believe is nothing more than a neurological trigger.

What’s a neurological trigger?

We build up associations throughout our lifetime from the moment we’re born to the moment we die. ‘Fire can hurt me‘ is a valuable association to learn. ‘I failed to do [xyz] which means I’m useless‘ is definitely a damaging and restrictive association to adopt.

These association will have a corresponding trigger – a situation, word, phrase, colour etc., which can all be triggers that bring forth that association and the feeling that goes with it.

We are surrounded by these triggers in everyday life too – think the McDonalds ‘M’, or Coca-Cola’s swash lettering or the National flag of your country. Seeing these images can trigger a state of mind.

In magick these symbols are called Sigils.

Sigils for magick

My recent sigil

A sigil in my opinion is nothing more than a neurological trigger designed by YOU to move yourself in to a state of mind of your choosing.

There are many articles that explain ways of creating sigils (or logos) and I urge you to investigate. You don’t have to believe the hocus pocus that goes with them – unless you want to of course.

The point is, you create your sigil based on what you desire and then keep it somewhere where you can see it – on the fridge, or beside your computer for example. The sigil becomes a trigger for you to get into the state of mind that will help your subconscious find ways to make that desire a reality. It acts like an instant mantra.

Your subconscious is so powerful that it starts to alert your conscious mind to that which you need in order to move towards your desire. It will give you hunches about things – act on them. It will make you aware of coincidences – notice them.

Try it this week, test it on something small first to see if it’s working for you.

And leave a comment below if you’d like to know my preferred method of sigil creation.

Strive to thrive



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What’s The Cost Of Doing Nothing?

Stuart Young, London, UK


This is another extract from my new eBook “Do You Hate Your Job?” which is available for f.ree right now here.


What’s The Cost Of Doing Nothing?

If you’ve been following this book up to this point, considering whether you can stay in your present job or career or whether you may be better suited to getting out – then take a moment to consider the cost of doing nothing.

If you just stay where you are and you just keep doing what you’ve been doing, not trying to fall back in love with it, not trying to recraft it into something more enjoyable – but just staying exactly where you are – it will definitely cost you in the long run.

These are the three main areas where doing nothing will cost you:

Emotionally, Financially, and Opportunity cost

Emotionally – at the beginning of this book I revealed How I Identified I Was In The Wrong Job which probably gave you some clues to how you might be feeling right now and how you’re going to continue to feel if you do nothing about it. Anger, frustration, feeling stuck, chest pains etc. It doesn’t get any better unless YOU change something. What’s the cost to your health and well being?

Financially – for me I was almost instantly better off when I made the change I needed. That may not be the case for everyone, but the question I asked myself at the time was: ‘Can I survive with less?’ When I decided I could, it made it easier to make the change – and that’s when opportunity raised its head. What’s the potential cost to your pocket?

Opportunity cost – I would never have known what opportunities were available to me if I had just put my head back in the sand, and I certainly wouldn’t be enjoying the lifestyle I have today. If you don’t put your head over the parapet you’ll never see what lies beyond the fortress walls. You have to consider the opportunities, look for them, recognise them when they show themselves and calculate the cost to you if you don’t seize them. What opportunity will you miss by staying as you are?

Hopefully you’ve spent the time necessary to create, separate and prioritise your opportunities list as mentioned in the previous chapter How To Change Jobs (Step 3). Those 5 top opportunities open to you, together with understanding the cost of doing nothing, should give you plenty to consider right now.


In my opinion, if you are in a job that you hate, or a company that you hate, then there are two mistakes you can make right now:

  • #1 Doing nothing
  • #2 Quitting your job before you understand what your options are

The next step is Deciding. This is the step that really set me on the path to my present lifestyle and circumstances. It seems daunting but in my next chapter I’m going to reveal how to make the decision process a whole lot easier.


Grab your F.REE copy right now here.




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What do you think coincidences actually are?

This is September 26th of my book:  ‘How To Change Your Life One Day At ATime‘.

Take the opportunity today to follow a coincidence.

When you experience a coincidence ask yourself why you noticed it?

We’ve all got a different take on what a coincidence is. Some think it’s divine intervention. Some think it’s luck. Some think it’s just one of a million coincidences that are happening every day.

I believe in the last one but it doesn’t matter which you believe. If you want to take something from it, if you want to make it a useful experience – ask the question above.

Find meaning in it. You may have to assign a meaning to it. Whatever, just find a meaning. Do that every time you experience a coincidence and you may find that those meanings start to add up to something.

(Obviously my previous post today becomes a huge coincidence now!!)  🙂




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Understanding that what’s holding you back could help you along.

This is August 24th of my book:  ‘How To Change Your Life One Day At A Time‘.

Newton’s Law that states every action has an opposite and equal reaction, ie: the positive energy of gratitude you send out will come back to you. Help and be helped in return. That’s not to say ‘help’ and expect to be ‘helped’ in return by that person or any other person. Just know that you will be helped somehow. Thank and be thanked. Give and be given, etc.

Some of you might be thinking; Newton didn’t mean it that way. You might think that Newton was just talking about physical forces like the butt of a rifle forcing it’s way into your shoulder with the same force that the bullet propels from the barrel. But I will argue that it’s all energy. And if Newton was around today and got to grips with Quantum Mechanics he would agree with me. Everything is energy and therefore any form of energy is subject to his Law.

For practical uses Scott Ginsberg writes about duality in a similar way in his book ‘Ideas Are Free Execution Is Priceless’ (p.131) where he suggests embracing opposites in order to be successful. One example he uses is being patient with an equal amount of impatience. Patient with the process, understanding that things don’t always go the way or at the speed you planned, and impatient enough to get moving with ideas without waiting until every tiny detail has been considered.

Think of how you could use this concept today.




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PPS: BUY the BOOK, OR someone else, get a copy of my book right here on Amazon: (you’ll see my listing right at the top – it’s the cheapest place to get copies at the moment and YES they’re brand new AND signed).
36 GOLD Star reviews so far!


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Does Life ‘have’ meaning, or, do we ‘give’ it meaning?


Today’s debate on my Facebook Fan page is asking this question on Valentine’s Day because a lot of people out there believe in true love, and fate etc.

But, is that all true or do we just make it true because it’s what we ‘want’ to believe. Love to hear your view over on my Facebook page: CLICK HERE





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What’s more important: Faith or Reason?


Today’s debate over on my Facebook Fan page discusses this question.

In my experience the ‘faithful’ feel they have good reason to believe – usually based on a deep rooted ‘knowing’. But can this be trusted?

The followers of reason can equally swing the other way and disbelieve anything that seems beyond ‘reason’. Where is the middle ground I wonder?

I would love to hear your view over on my Facebook page by CLICKING HERE




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Does the Law of Attraction work?


I started a debate over on my Facebook page earlier today asking this question. I wanted to find out what people made of this Law of Attraction. Do they view it as some universal force like gravity that ‘must’ work if invoked properly? Do they view it as a mental construct, part of our subconscious mind being accessed and leading us down paths that we would otherwise ignore? Or is it a load of hogwash as some ‘realists’ believe?

I get the whole vibration is everything idea. I get that Quantum Theory expresses that everything in the universe is connected to everything else energetically. And I get that we can’t yet understand what the implications of that are.

But talk to any teacher of the Law of Attraction and they will all agree – it requires Action. Whatever is at work, it requires somebody to actually DO something in order to receive something. It’s a complex issue without a doubt.

Please add to the debate over on my Facebook page and see what others have already started posting there. Do YOU believe?

Leave your comment there by clicking here: LoA: YES or NO?





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