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Take the opportunity today to think about something you’d like to change about yourself.


This was the life changing moment for me.

A few years ago I met a hypnotherapist at an alternative health centre
open day. He’s also an NLP practitioner. I got the opportunity to sit
with him for 40 minutes or so to experience a sample of what he does.
He started by asking the question above: ‘If you could change one
thing about yourself today, what would it be?

Not expecting the question, I said the first thing that came into my
head (I have since realised that is how to get the subconscious mind
to speak) which was: ‘I’d like to make better decisions quicker.
He then took me through a series of mental exercises, visualisations
and ‘make believes’. The result was a feeling of euphoric realisation
as I walked the short distance home. I was going to make decisions
quicker, in fact I had just decided that – right there and then!

The man’s name is Mick McEvoy and you can learn more about him and
what he does by going to:  www.YourCalmCoach.co.uk

Thanks again Mick!




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