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Share a book that changed your life

The first book that inspired me to write

The first book that inspired me to write

A few days ago a friend of mine nominated, through an initiative in his workplace, MY book as one that has inspired him – he’s not much of a reader! 🙂  (Thanks Colin)

Then a couple of days ago, another friend – Tina of Practical Practice Management blogged about 10 books that have inspired her in some way.

This prompted my own blog on the subject. So listed below in chronological order are the books that have inspired me the most for one reason or another. Most are self improvement books, some are fiction that opened my mind in some way.

The Catcher in the Rye – by J D Salinger

Silva Mind Control – by José Silva

The Road Less Travelled – by M Scott Peck

Women Are From Venus Men Are From Mars – by John Gray

Conversations With God – by Neale Donald Walsch

Celestine Prophecy – by James Redfield

The Secret – by Rhonda Burne

Tuesdays With Morrie – by Mitch Albom

Northern Lights – by Philip Pullman

Unlimited Power – by Tony Robbins

If I did this list again tomorrow it might change as there are many other books that have inspired me including: The Power of Now, Think and Grow Rich, all the other NDW and M Scott Peck books, Starseed and many more.

I’d love to hear of a book that has inspired you in some way.




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What some are saying about my book…


Here’s what some are saying about:

How To Change Your Life One Day At A Time‘ advance copies;

Got it in the mail! Love it man. Be proud. Sell a lot of them!” – Scott Ginsberg (New York Times Best Seller and author of 21 books – Scott counts some of the top companies in the world amongst his clients.)

I just got it and it looks great. Well done – I like your packaging and book cover. Keep me posted on your success. Congratulations on your new book!” – Noah St John  (Author of 2 New York Times Best Sellers).

These are just two leading names in the self improvement arena that have been happy to contribute to my book, others include: John Assarraf of the hit movie and book The Secret, Hale Dwoskin of The Sedona Method, Lisa Sasevich, Queen of Sales Conversion, Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach, Brian Tracy – the business coaches business coach, Frank Kern, one of the leading lights on Online Marketing with integrity, Dave Austin of Exceed Potential one of the USAs leading coaches to athletes in all fields, and many more.

5 Days to go to the launch!




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Take the opportunity today to create a vision board.


John Assaraf (star of The Secret) is the creator of the Vision Board
idea. In a nutshell you get yourself a corkboard or something similar
and you cover it in pictures/words and anything else to hand that
represent the things you love in your life AND the things you’d love
to have in your life.
You get magazines, newspapers, mailers, books etc. and you take the
images out that best illustrate what it is you value. You pin them on
the board and then keep the board in a place that you can see every
day. In your office or study or kitchen or hallway, whatever,
someplace that you know you’ll see it every day.


The idea is that by seeing these images each and every day you allow
yourself to get into the same vibration as what you see. Your dream
home or car for example. Or your dream lifestyle, job or even your
partner. You might want to believe that by seeing these images every
day your subconscious mind ends up creating ways to help you get them.

Whatever you believe – it works! Don’t get bogged down in the how,
just try it and see.
For more info on John Assaraf go here: www.praxisnow.com





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