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Take the opportunity today to be a verb and not a noun.


In his brilliant ‘devotional’ book: ‘Ideas Are Free Execution Is
Priceless’, Scott Ginsberg says it brilliantly:

“A verb is anything that expresses action or being. [My italics]

It could be a word. But it could also be an idea. Or a person. Or a
product. Or an entire organisation.”

He goes on to say:

“The point is: Nouns aren’t noticed.”

Basically what Scott is getting at is ‘verb’ people are active. They
are being what or who they want to be and they’re doing things that
they want to do.

Noun’ people on the other hand are passive – they just describe.

Ask a ‘noun’ teacher who they are and they might say ‘I’m a teacher.’
But ask a ‘verb’ teacher who they are and they might say “I teach
children how they can be who they want to be and that they can achieve
anything they set their minds to.’

So, are you a verb or a noun?




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