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Take the opportunity today to create a win-win situation with someone you don’t like.


A few pages of my book are dedicated to creating win-win outcomes to certain situations. This is possibly the most difficult and challenging but give it some thought today. If you can succeed with this one I’m sure you can succeed in any circumstance.

So how do you go about creating a win-win situation with someone that annoys you? Well, that’s probably the hardest thing of all. When we don’t like someone we automatically set our competitive button to ‘max’. Instinctively we want to create a win (for me) – lose (for them) situation with hopefully a good portion of humiliation thrown in. But that’s not going to help us in the long term is it? No.

By working at creating a win-win situation you are probably going to set their ‘suspicion’ gauge running at the beginning, but with a bit of authentic reassurance you’ll find that most people will end up trying to meet you halfway. If you succeed, your relationship with this person will improve no end. Maybe they are a neighbour that complains about the noise, or a work colleague that criticises your work regularly, or maybe someone in your football team who’s sense of humour you dislike. Whatever the context, give it a try – the rewards could be very surprising. Many have found best friends this way.

Good luck and enjoy



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