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Discover your hidden skills and talents.

Stuart Young, London, UK

This is December 24th of my book:  ‘How To Change Your Life One Day At ATime‘.

Take the opportunity today to consider all of your labels.

I don’t mean the ones in the back of your shirt or blouse. I mean the ones that you and other people tag you with; mum, wife, volunteer, colleague, writer, coach – whatever they are.

Write them all down, as many as you can think of. Ask, your spouse or your kids or your friends to help identify them for you if you need to.

This is a great way to discover your hidden skills and talents.

Once you have that list give it a read through. Understand what each of those labels mean to you and to everyone that knows you. Realise how connected you are through those labels. Realise how important you are to all of those people.

Now realise that you are not just those labels. You are any label you want to be. Consider what other labels you would like to be defined by: Champion Skydiver maybe? Successful Business Owner? Mover and Shaker in the field of [xyz]? Guitar Legend? Explorer?

You get the idea – you are unlimited.




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Obstacles = Opportunities


Following on from my last post How To Change Jobs – I suggested you make a skills & opportunities list.

I want to help that process along a bit more because I know how important it is for gaining clarity to your next step.

When I quit my job 10 years ago I had considered what else I could do by creating one of these long opportunities lists. I even had ‘Litter Picker’ on my list – seriously! I had written everything I could think of that I could do. It didn’t matter how dumb it seemed or how menial – I wanted to exit my job so bad I considered anything!

I made this video a while back which will help you figure out what some of your opportunities might be (sorry about the bad lighting).

So continue for a couple more days adding to your list. As promised, in my next post I’ll explain what to do with it.




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