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The Power of Syntax in Creating Lasting Change


Syntax describes the structure of a language and how it is used to communicate.

The importance of Syntax when we communicate is absolute (whether we are talking to ourselves OR someone else).

I just wrote an article for the website SelfGrowth.com – one of the biggest self improvement sites on the web. In it I share:

  • How’ syntax can change the meaning of a sentence
  • Why’ this is important
  • And how to best create a positive message

To Read the Full Article —->  CLICK HERE  <—-




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Do You Hate Your Job? Really?

Stuart Young, London, UK


I wrote an article for SelfGrowth.com recently, probably the biggest self improvement website on the internet with around 2 million views per month.

The article takes a look at whether you can actually fall back in love with your job – even if you have to do it for another company.

It also happens to be an excerpt from my latest book: “Do You Hate Your Job?” which you can get in full, at no cost, right here: –> CLICK HERE <–

You can read the full article here:  –> SelfGrowth




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