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Take the opportunity today to examine how you feel.


What kind of mood are you in? Funny sort of question isn’t it? What
mood are you in?

If you’re IN a mood – good, bad or indifferent – then it stands to
reason that you can get OUT of that mood. But did you realise that You
can choose to get in or out of a mood?

Imagine for a moment that you receive a phone call. It’s the tax man
and he tells you that your tax has been incorrectly calculated and you
owe them £10,000. Holy cow! And he wants it by the end of the week or
you’ll get a further £1000 fine. How would you feel? Pretty upset and
anxious I would bet. Then the phone rings again. It’s the tax man, he
apologises and says he read it incorrectly and actually they owe You
£10,000. Woohoo! Now how do you feel? You start dancing around the
room, then the phone goes again. Yep, you guessed it – the tax man
again. He apologises profusely, he got the wrong name and it’s
actually someone else who is owed the £10,000. Now how do you feel?
Bit of a roller-coaster right?

The thing is, at no time were you under physical threat and at no time
were you having an exciting experience. It was all happening in your
mind. You were having the thoughts about how you were going to raise
£10k then, how you were going to spend £10k.

So examine how you’re feeling today and ask yourself why you’re
feeling that way. What thoughts are creating that feeling. Just be
aware is all. That simple exercise can often help you find calmness
when you need it.




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