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Take the opportunity today to be resourceful.


This is the most valuable quality someone can have if you ask me. The
term ‘resourceful’ can apply to what you might need to survive. It can
apply to what you might need to succeed in business. It might apply to
what you might need in order to have the relationships that you

If you are a resourceful person you can get anything done. Start every
problem solving moment with the question: ‘How can I…” and allow
your mind to go off and find the answer. Before you know it you’ll be
thinking of all sorts of ways to get to where you want to be.

As you find your own ways of being resourceful write them down. Keep
them handy and apply them to every situation you find yourself stuck
in. You can use the same mindset that you use in business as you do in
your relationships – you’ll have to put a new angle on it but the
strategy will work.

Keep in mind the Neale Donald Walsch saying: ‘The quickest way to get
what you want is to help someone else get it first.’




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