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Can we have leaders at the bottom?


I couldn’t sleep last night, my mind was racing for some reason! I ended up getting up and making some notes about this subject.

I got to thinking how we’re always looking UP to see our leaders, whether they are politicians or managers or the clergy of one denomination or another. Maybe we should look around us and below us a bit more (figuratively speaking). We might be surprised at what we find.

Everywhere there are those that display an exemplary attitude towards their work, often of the most menial kind. Work that we probably wouldn’t do ourselves unless we were desperate. But there they are, being conscientious, willing to learn, showing an aptitude to learn, question, challenge even. They prove themselves to be worthy team members and kind colleagues. Decent, hardworking people that ordinarily go unnoticed.

Take a look at those ‘below’ you (in position or pay grade that is), and see which fit the category of leader. It may be the janitor, window cleaner or office junior. Now draw a line under your own position/pay grade. See yourself as being at the bottom – ask yourself ‘How could I better demonstrate that I am a leader’ to those above you as well as below.

Let me know if that makes any sense or if I’m just recounting some disoriented dream!




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