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Exclusive interview with Canadian singer/songwriter Cat Forsley

Cat Forsley, Multi-Artist

Cat Forsley, Multi-Artist


Today I have another exclusive interview from another super talented individual – Cat Forsley.

The multi talented Cat is a freelance writer, singer, voice over artist and all round creative, she describes herself as: “Singer songwriter – poet – full on artist – animal advocate – Heart 🙂

We started following each other’s blogs earlier this year and connected more deeply a few months later. Since then we have been talking on a daily basis about everything from love to the origins of the universe and everything in between. She has become my Can Sis and me her UK Stu Bro – daft, but who cares! After my recent interview with best selling author WM Paul Young it was an obvious next step to interview Cat. Her music is beautiful, haunting, rocking and mellow in equal measure. She plays all of the instruments herself and is working in collaboration with producer Ashton Price on some new material under the name: ‘As The City Rumbles Underneath’.

I managed to catch a moment in her busy schedule to ask a few questions about who she is, where she’s headed and what she loves.

Q: So Cat, when did you first realise that you wanted to be a creative soul?

A: I’ve always been a creative type …obsessed with all art forms. My first way of expressing myself was probably at around 2 – my parents set up an easel in the backyard – between lovely trees – in Ottawa – where I was born – and I just painted and painted what I felt.

Q: What were you like at school?

A: In school: elementary school – I was very, very shy… I remember it very clearly – at 6 years we moved to Hong Kong – and I learned English at an International Lycée. Even though I was a quiet one – I absorbed everything and read everything I could get my hands on… I was an early reader. At 9 years we moved to Boston, I started to come out of my shell a bit more there – I really looked up to all my teachers and was a good student, I think it had to do with the atmosphere I was living in – Boston is so beautiful – and we lived right by the Ocean. That brought about much, much creative flow in my life, and then my writing began.

High School: Back To Ottawa – I got involved in Musical Theatre and Choirs and then VOICE, and articulating myself through singing and writing, which became my biggest loves. Then I went to college for Creative Writing and wrote a ton of stories – some universally themed, some very whimsical. And out of College – came full on music!

Looking back I think I wrote my first song at age 15!

Q: And what was your home life like back then?

A: My home life was incredible in many respects – I had the opportunity to see sooo much of the world because of my Dad’s work. I have a sister and a brother. My sister and I are very close, my brother lives in Ottawa. My parents are really amazing people – they instilled in me a love for the arts, science, theology, psychology and nature. Books and music were always very important in our home – wherever we lived in the world, at the time, we’d carry it with us. I also had lots of animals around me; two black labs, a cat and hamsters and turtles – that made me very happy as a child, I was surrounded by all that I love.

Q: What ambitions do you have?

A: My ambitions, these days – are to do the best I can every single day. I am collaborating with Ashton Price – a writer/ producer in Toronto. We are writing and publishing one song at a time under the band name – AS THE CITY RUMBLES UNDERNEATH . My ambitions are to help out as much as I can with Animal Welfare. Make someone smile. Be kind. Be Heart generous and just keep doing what I love.

Q: And you love creativity, but if you could only express ONE creative aspect, what would you choose?

A: Creative aspect – Only 1 !! Music – hands down. The notes are always in my heart ready to be expressed. Music and lyrics to me are my dearest passions – and I will never stop. But in saying that, I will never stop following all my passions, when you Love what you do it all flows from the heart, as one, and it becomes easier and easier to truly express what is most important – Love.

Q: Where do get your inspiration?

A: Love itself is my muse.

Q: And what do you want others to take from your music?

A: Music is such a personal experience. When I listen to a piece by Debussy or Beethoven, I hear the actual composer’s heart and what they were feeling at the time. I’ve studied Kant and Hume and philosophers that are here now, but all in all – I relate directly through vibration and where the music and lyrics take me. I would never even begin to understand what someone else would hear with my music – I am too close to it.

Q: So, what genre would you put yourself in? And are there any other genres you would like to explore?

A: Well the new stuff Ashton and I are producing is Dream pop. Very ambient and Spacey. On my own – I love every genre. Every drop of music takes me somewhere. I’d like to explore my classical side more. All in Good time.

Q: Talking of time, where would you love to be in 5 years time?

A: I am very happy with my life right now – in 5 years, I’d like to be scoring music for film. I’d like also to be using my voice to it’s fullest capacity and be doing voice overs, voice acting. I’d like to be married and live by the sea! Lots of dreams!

Q: Ah dreams, are there any goals or dreams that you are still reaching for?

A: Every day I try to do my very best. Amazing things pop up and I am amazed that when you are fully paying attention in Life – the signs are all there. My goals are all music and Love related. They go hand in hand for me.

Q: And finally, what advice would you give any readers looking to follow a similar path to yours?


To find out more about Cat, her music, her writing and all of her other passions be sure to visit:





I hope you enjoyed that, I certainly did – keep your eyes open for more interviews with fascinating, talented people in future posts.




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