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Are you a fish or a mudskipper?

Mudskippers exist outside of their comfort zone

Mudskippers – fish out of water!


You may have heard of the expression ‘a fish out of water’, it usually describes someone struggling with being outside of their comfort zone.

We’ve all been there, right?

The thing with most fish is that they are completely unaware of what water is – they are immersed in it, surrounded by it, yet cannot see it. If they are taken out of it they thrash and wriggle and jump around until they get back into it.

Mudskippers on the other hand have evolved the ability to survive (even thrive) outside of their natural habitat. They have developed the ability to breathe through their skin and can skip around on fins that have adapted over the millennia.

This could only have happened due to their ancestor’s circumstances and determination to survive outside of water. Outside of their natural habitat and environment. It has allowed them to inhabit two separate environments. They have a different perspective of both habitats – creatures that inhabit only one can’t possibly understand.

So, are you a fish that must remain in familiar surroundings and circumstances? Or are you a mudskipper – able to adapt and see conditions with a different perspective?




PS: James Arthur Ray has an analogy of a half full glass of grape juice. Learning and absorbing information and knowledge that can make you more aware is like pouring clear water into the glass. The more you pour, the clearer the liquid becomes until eventually it pours over the rim of the glass. As you continue to pour, eventually you will be left with a completely clear glass of water. If you want that kind of clarity take a look at this —> CLICK HERE


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It’s all in your perspective.

Do you see a cube frame?

Do you see a cube frame?


Interesting visual illusions like the Necker Cube above give us clues of how our senses perceive the outer world. You probably see a cube framework with three white bands crossing in front diagonally. It’s all to do with perspective. If you squint it’s easier.

Once you see it ask yourself: Is the nearest face to the bottom right or top left? People will see this differently.

So, are we doing this on a psychological level too? Are we seeing things differently to others? Are we experiencing events differently to others?

If so, what’s true? Whose truth is true?

Change your perspective, look at things differently, and see what a difference it makes to your experience.

To enjoy more of these visual illusions click here.





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