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Are you really stuck?

Do you know the difference?

Do you know the difference?

There’s a fine line between perseverance and flogging a dead horse. Understanding the difference is where success lies.




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Take the opportunity today to ignore any negative comments you hear.


Do you have people in your life that are just totally negative about everything you do? OK, maybe not everything, but quite a lot of things?

Hmm, you must learn to let those comments wash over you. Those people may wish you the best, they may even love you, but they don’t know your strength, your resilience or your perseverance. Hell, you might not even know those things about yourself – but they are there.

So, avoid those negative people that you can, and ignore the negative comments of the ones you can’t. Just say in your mind ‘They don’t know me’ every time they bring you down with words like:

…be realistic…’ or

…you’re no good at that…’ or

…I don’t think that’s your strength…’ etc.

As you learn to do this you will start to believe in yourself more and more. It’s a good feeling.

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