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It’s all in your perspective.

Do you see a cube frame?

Do you see a cube frame?


Interesting visual illusions like the Necker Cube above give us clues of how our senses perceive the outer world. You probably see a cube framework with three white bands crossing in front diagonally. It’s all to do with perspective. If you squint it’s easier.

Once you see it ask yourself: Is the nearest face to the bottom right or top left? People will see this differently.

So, are we doing this on a psychological level too? Are we seeing things differently to others? Are we experiencing events differently to others?

If so, what’s true? Whose truth is true?

Change your perspective, look at things differently, and see what a difference it makes to your experience.

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Take the opportunity today to change your perception.


I recently completed the Bob Proctor ‘Goal Achiever’s Program’ and on
one of the audios I listened to he spoke about perception. It supposes
that our perception of a situation directly influences our action in
that circumstance.

EG: We’d gladly walk across a plank of wood suspended 6 feet off the
ground if there was a £1000 reward at the other end, but we wouldn’t
if the plank were 200 feet off the ground. Then again, if our child
was in a building that was on fire and that plank bridged the gap
between it and a neighbouring building we would gladly cross it to
save them – no matter how high up.

I’ve listened to it a few times now and something dawned on me the other
night as I was walking one of our dogs; if that’s true, which it seems
obvious that it is, then we can actually use that knowledge to
motivate ourselves more effectively.

Let’s say you have a task to do on your day off. It’s a bit of a dull
task but it needs doing. You might ordinarily decide to leave it and
do it another day and we all know what will happen there – the next
day becomes another day which becomes another day and so on and the
task remains to be done. Now consider that you put it in your mind
that your boss is going to give you a 20% rise if you get that task
completed today. Just think that. You’ll possibly find that that actually
motivated you to consider doing the task. Really imagine it’s true,
imagine you just got off the phone with your boss, they were really
pumped up and excited about giving you that raise for completing that
task. Pretty soon you will feel a whole lot more motivated to do it.

Note: Keep the perception positive rather than negative, ie: imagine
the boss is going to give you a raise for doing it rather than
imagining he’ll fire you for not doing it. Positive outcomes are much
more compelling and motivational than negative ones.

Try it and see – it’s just a theory!




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