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Take the opportunity today to listen to your inner voice.


Have you ever wondered ‘who’ owns that inner voice? You know the one.
The one that says: ‘You know what, I don’t think you can do that.’ or
it might be the one that says: ‘Yes, that’s what I should do.’
Either way that’s your inner voice. If you find you’re in disagreement
with that inner voice ask yourself ‘Who is that anyway?’

Who is it that you’re arguing with?

It can only be you right? So what part of you is saying something
contrary to what YOU are thinking? If it’s being negative then it’s
your fear personality. If it’s being positive then it’s your passion
personality. Ask yourself who you’d rather listen to – your fear or
your passion.

Stop for a moment and listen to your passion personality, if your fear
personality raises it’s voice just ask it to wait it’s turn. Listen
carefully to what your passion personality is saying.




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