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When was the last time you let your hair down?

This is September 5th of my book:  ‘How To Change Your Life One Day At ATime‘.

Take the opportunity today to organise a party!

Sometimes we all need to let our hair down. Have a party!

Even if you can’t have one right away – organise and plan one. Just the act of planning will excite you.

In my youth I went to and had many parties. Some were a bit dull and some were fantastic. I was always excited about going and nearly always glad I went. If they were my parties then the clearing up was always a bit painful granted. If you end up having friends stay over at least you get help with that part.

Even though a party can be a lot to organise – remain excited about the process.




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Photos from the book launch…


I thought I’d indulge and share some of the photos from my book launch.

It was held in the Library Room of my local country pub near Windsor,

And the chair I sat and signed books in, is the chair that I often wrote and made notes about the book when I needed to get away from the office for a while – over a couple of pints (they lubricate the ideas!).

It was a great day and I thank all those that turned up and made it a brilliant occasion.

My cousin thought that the cake was a hard back version of the book and tried to open it!! 🙂

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