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Bronze & Silver Medal Misery



The olympics 2012 is over!

Some world records were broken, many personal bests were smashed, and some athletes won the first medals their countries had ever received!

In amongst the celebrations though were others in misery as they failed to achieve any medals or even to get to the finals of their events. Others still, that achieved Bronze or even Silver and were miserable with that. A Women’s Korean Archer even won Gold and apologised to her country for doing it with a low mark of 8 – stating to the press that: ‘We don’t score 8s in Korea.’

This was quite surprising for me and got me thinking about expectations. We all have them, it’s what drives us forward, keeps us striving, helps us through the pain. But by being so attached to the outcome we rob ourselves of the joy of achieving anything less. How many athletes would have loved to go home with a Bronze medal but went back happy to take part but empty handed, as another came home miserable because they got a Bronze but went for a Gold.

Expectations are healthy, but being attached to the outcome is not – it is where suffering resides. Let’s be grateful for what we have, what we achieve and for the daily opportunity to do more. Let’s pursue our goals with vigour, determination and courage. But let’s also pat ourselves on the back for taking part, for taking on the challenge, for taking the risk – win, lose or draw.

Being happy can exist alongside dissatisfaction – that’s what makes us want to improve.

Take care and enjoy



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