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Take the opportunity today to ‘scramble’ a bad memory.


One of Tony Robbins’ many psychological techniques is the NAC (Neuro
Associative Conditioning) Process. One of those techniques deals
with bad memories. He refers to it as ‘scrambling’.

The process is supposed to rewire that memory so that it no longer
gives you the bad feelings associated with it.

The idea is you rerun the bad memory as if it were a film. Imagine
seeing it from different angles, edit it so it seems like you’re
watching it on a cinema screen. Then change the characters in the
memory to cartoons, including yourself. Run the memory forwards and
then backwards. Do this over and over a few times speeding it up as
you do so. Then change the colours of the faces to rainbows and add
some comical music.

Have the antagonist in the scene go crosseyed and have a speech bubble
above their head filled with the words ‘Blah, blah, blah!

Do this and your neural pathways connected with that memory will
become scrambled and it’ll be almost impossible to remember that
experience the same way ever again.

If you have some memories that play in your mind over and over, giving
you feelings you’d rather not have, have a go at this. It might take a
few attempts but it’ll be worth it.

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