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Take the opportunity today to create a win-win situation with a friend.


I don’t know about you but there have been occassions in the past
where I’ve dug my heels in over something so that I could win. It
often meant that someone else lost. It might have been an argument or
debate, it may have been a negotiation at work or over the price of a
house or car. Whatever it was, the important thing to me at the time
was to win. We don’t want to look like suckers or losers or someone
that doesn’t know what they’re talking about right? Hmm.

Well there’s another option. Allow the other party to win too.
Compromise so that you both get what you want to some extent. Make it
clear in a debate that you value the other’s opinion or knowledge but
that you simply disagree – they don’t have to be wrong. When
negotiating plan ahead so that you can accept their final offer that
way you get what you expected and they feel like they had the last
say. When buying something of high value try to meet the vendor
halfway – you’ll both feel better for it. Some of this will prove very
difficult and sme will come easily, all I suggest is that you try.




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