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Take the opportunity today to decide what you would do with £10m.


So following on from yesterday’s guide, if you haven’t done this
already – consider this today. Get a pad and start writing what you’d
do with the money. I bet the list will be long – it’s a lot of money!

The exercise is not so much about the cash but rather once you’ve
done everything the cash allows you to, what do you do next? You give
half a million to your parents, another half a million to your kids.
You split another million and pay off the mortgages of your closest
other family and friends. You buy yourself the home of your dreams and
a couple of beautiful cars – maybe a boat. You give a load to your
favourite charities etc.

Maybe you get to the end of the list and there’s still a million left
over. Do you decide to set up a business? Do you create your own
charity? Whatever you decide to do there at the end – stop!

Now ask yourself what is stopping you starting that thing right now?
Is it really the money that you need to start? Is it?

Only you can answer that.




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