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Book full of coincidences!


Please bookmark this post.

Because I want you to come back here as and when coincidences start to happen for you too.

Here’s what happened yesterday Aug 28th:

Em came into my office (we work from home) and said: ‘Guess what, I have to go to London tomorrow to work.’

‘Uh-huh.’ I replied

‘Do you fancy meeting me after and we can go see a show?’ She offered.

‘Sure, ok.’ I replied

Later in the afternoon I got around to reading yesterday’s page (yes, I read my own book) – and the guide was – ‘Take the opportunity to go to a live event.

Now I know we’re going today – but how coincidental was that? Now here’s the thing, this happens ALL the time. Not only to us (I’ll share some more over the next few days) but also to other readers of the book that we know.

I’d love for you to share any coincidences in your life that you’ve noticed since reading the book – right here in the comments section below and hopefully we can build a hub of them for everyone to read.




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