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Take the opportunity today to practise letting go.


Hale Dwoskin’s The Sedona Method, is a process of eliminating negative emotions by using a simple 5 step process. For instance, remember a time when you felt really angry (or some other negative emotion). Imagine the occurrence or circumstance you were in when you felt that emotion. Then ask yourself:

1. ‘Can I allow and welcome my [anger] to be here?’

then ask:

2. ‘Can I release or let go of this [anger]?

In the first two questions you are searching for permission to feel that emotion. Anger for instance, can be helpful. However, if you drill down into that feeling you might find that your anger makes you feel protected, strong or right about something. Delve into those feelings. Do they serve you? Maybe yes, maybe no. Either way, feelings are natural and should not be suppressed.

Now you’ve got a hold of that emotion and are experiencing it in a controlled way, you can move on to examining the next questions:

3. ‘Would I let it go?’


4. ‘When?’

These next two questions are designed to allow you to properly consider whether you can live without those feelings about that circumstance. When you realise that you are in control of holding on or letting go – decide to let go. The fifth step of the process is to Repeat the first four steps with any and every negative emotion you feel. As you become practiced at it you will be able to apply it while you actually feel negative emotions in the future – as they occur.

For more info and a trailer for the film go to: http://www.LettingGo.tv

This is p.346 of my book ‘How To Change Your Life One Day At A Time‘ in which Hale Dwoskin allows me to describe his brilliant process.

Apply it – it works!



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