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Does the Law of Attraction work?


I started a debate over on my Facebook page earlier today asking this question. I wanted to find out what people made of this Law of Attraction. Do they view it as some universal force like gravity that ‘must’ work if invoked properly? Do they view it as a mental construct, part of our subconscious mind being accessed and leading us down paths that we would otherwise ignore? Or is it a load of hogwash as some ‘realists’ believe?

I get the whole vibration is everything idea. I get that Quantum Theory expresses that everything in the universe is connected to everything else energetically. And I get that we can’t yet understand what the implications of that are.

But talk to any teacher of the Law of Attraction and they will all agree – it requires Action. Whatever is at work, it requires somebody to actually DO something in order to receive something. It’s a complex issue without a doubt.

Please add to the debate over on my Facebook page and see what others have already started posting there. Do YOU believe?

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Take the opportunity today to enhance your Affirmations


A couple of weeks ago I suggested you take the opportunity to create some Affirmations.

Then I promised I’d show you how you can enhance those Affirmations with one little trick – this is that post.

Noah St John, author of ‘The Secret Code Of Success’ encourages us to turn affirmations (positive statements about ourselves) into questions. He calls them Afformations.

The idea is that the mind wants to answer questions – it’s wired that way. So whilst it’s good to say to yourself each and every day: “I am so happy with my… partner or job or children or level of abundance.” or whatever.  It’s actually more powerful an exercise to ask: “Why…am I so happy with my…?” After asking, our mind runs off to go and find relevant information to be able to answer it. It actively searches for evidence of why you’re so happy with whatever it is.

This is a great exercise and one that I practise as often as possible – one caution though – make sure you keep your questions positive! If you ask: “Why don’t I have enough money?” for instance your mind will find the answers and evidence of that for you. The result might demo- tivate you instead of inspire you.

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