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2 lessons from Kiyosaki bankruptcy



If you haven’t heard of Robert Kiyosaki, he’s the guy behind ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad‘ – the multimillion dollar financial self help brand.

He recently lost a court battle to pay royalties to one of his partners in just one of his companies. He was successfully sued for $24m!

He decided to put that company into bankruptcy rather than pay it.

He still has an estimated personal worth of approx. $80m!

Now I’m not going to cast judgement, I don’t know all the facts, but I can take 2 lessons from this story…

#1 Create multiple streams of income

#2 Be honourable and act with integrity

Number one is probably the best bit of financial advice I learned many years ago. Having all your eggs in one basket leaves you vulnerable to changing circumstances. So find ways to create other income as soon as possible!

Number two, if you do make agreements – honour them – ALWAYS! Our reputation is arguably our most valuable intangible asset – protect it with integrity.

My most recent teacher Soul, author of ‘Pay Me What I’ Am Worth’, defines integrity beautifully as simply ‘Doing what you say you are going to do.




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