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Turning hobbies into cash!

Girl Abstract

Girl Abstract

Stuart Young, London, UK


One of the first things I did 10 years ago when I decided I hated my job, and that I was going to change that somehow – was look to my hobbies.

It was more about creating another income stream than replacing my job. It was just something I’d dreamt about for years but had never tried to realise.

The hobbie with the most potential for me was painting. I like to create abstract paintings. Friends and family were the recipients (mainly my sister), and they always encouraged me to pursue selling them – except my dad who just said: “What on earth is it? Who’s going to buy that?” Very encouraging. 🙂

So I started looking into ‘how‘ to sell them.

I went to galleries and art shops and eventually got some interest in a couple of pieces – if I could get them framed the art shop would try and sell them. As luck would have it, I knew of a framing wholesaler near to where I lived so I dropped them in.

A couple of days later I went back to collect them and got into conversation with the wholesaler about creating some paintings just for him.

Before long I was painting in every spare moment I had and the wholesaler was selling them as fast as I could paint them. Being a wholesaler he wasn’t paying me much but, I didn’t have to walk round dozens of shops and galleries. I didn’t have to leave paintings here, there and everywhere ‘hoping’ one would sell.

Instead I just painted and got paid.

To date I’ve sold over 600 paintings! A nice trickle of income.

Why am I telling you all this?

Because you may have a hobbie or two that you don’t think you can earn anything from, and you might be right. But it’s well worth getting out there and finding out. And broaden your view – think outside the box. The money might be in teaching that thing you do. Brainstorm ways in which others might want what you can do.

The excitement of pursuing my hobbie gave me motivation to try other things too – within 3 months I no longer worked in the job I hated.

Go make your own luck




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