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Take the opportunity today to learn.


Learning is a passion of mine. When I was at school however, I found
many of the lessons dull, boring, mundane and tedious. Subjects that
today I find fascinating; history, geography, biology, science,
literature. It boils down to the way we learn. At school these
subjects were taught out of text books or via the blackboard. Groan! I
wasn’t engaged, my imagination wasn’t stirred.

Maybe it’s an age thing, that as we get older we become more
interested in the world at large and how it got that way. But I don’t
think so. Bob Proctor said once that a child, up to the age of five or
six, would rather learn than do anything. If you think about it a
child’s brain is programmed to learn just as a matter of survival.

Considering our brain grows more outside of the womb than the nine
months inside it, which is more than any other animal, suggests that
learning is the most valuable asset we have. Intelligence however is
the result of the cumulation of knowledge whereas wisdom is the result
of experience. If we allow experience and knowledge to combine we can
take our learning to new heights. This learning will allow us to take
advantage of more opportunitites which in turn will give us new
experiences. If we continue to learn from them – hopefully we’ll get a
little wiser in the process.




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