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Liberty or Security?

To all those that think more cameras, more intrusion on our privacy, more laws against congregation etc. are for our own good…


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How to Change Jobs (Step 2)


So, following on in this series of posts about getting out of a job that you feel trapped in, bullied, overworked, frustrated, used, or in any number of ways are just down right tired of – here’s what to do with your Opportunities List.

If you haven’t read the last 2 posts How to Change Jobs and Obstacles = Opportunities then take a quick look at them as this post will make a lot more sense if you do.

OK, presuming you’ve made your list and you have at least 30 things on there that you could do as well as your present job. Including things such as hobbies, activities that you have a skill in, other things that you just love doing, even if at the moment you don’t think you could make much, or even any money at.

The idea is that writing all these ideas down acts as a brain dump. You get rid of all the chatter and put it on paper – filed out of the way, so that your subconscious can offer forwards other options that you wouldn’t ordinarily think of.

When I first did this exercise after experiencing my catalyst, item number 27 was: start my own print consultancy business. That’s right, the most obvious thing to do for me – which was staring me in the face, which had been suggested many times by colleagues and friends, was simply not on my initial radar. It might seem crazy but we become so programmed by our education system, our family, friends, colleagues etc. that we’re good at something so we should just keep doing that, that when we decide we don’t want to do that anymore, we forget that we can still do it – but for ourselves instead. What we really might be thinking is: I don’t want to do this for someone else anymore.

So, on to prioritising your opportunities – go through your list and put the letter ‘A‘ next to just 10 of those things that you’d really like doing, the ones you’d love. The ones that you would jump excitedly out of bed for in the morning.

Then go back through the list and mark the letter ‘B‘ next to the next 10 things that you could do, if push came to shove,  – even if only on a part time basis.

Then mark the letter ‘C‘ next to all the remaining things that you really don’t want to do, you might be good at them, but you just don’t want to do them.

Now copy just the letter ‘A’s onto a separate sheet of paper.

In my own ‘A‘ list I had painting, writing, starting my own business based on my job, investing in property and teaching amongst other things. Once I had my ‘A‘ list I felt a surge of determination, but I knew I still needed even more focus.

In my next post How to Change Jobs (Step 3) I’ll explain what I did next.

Stay tuned



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Take the opportunity today to ask Why you want success.


What a dumb question I hear you say.

But think about it. Most people think it’s about the money. To a
certain degree it is, but only in the sense of what freedoms the money
could bring. For instance if you wanted more money but it meant
working twice as hard and having no time to see your family or friends
then the money would be detrimental to your quality of life.

So, it’s what you would do with the money that determines what your
success might look like. And remember your success may be completely
different than your neighbour’s or your best friend’s version. Give
this some deep thought. Ask yourself what would you be doing if you
were as successful as you wanted to be. Whose lives would you be
influencing positively. At the end of the day, if you had all the money
you could spend and you’d been around the world half a dozen times.
Been everywhere and done everything. Taken a couple of years to just
relax and persue leisure activities to your heart’s content. Then
what? Think about that now, don’t wait until.

Don’t wait until you see it happen – see it until it happens.

Lastly, ask yourself ‘What do I lack now that success will bring me?’





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