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Stuart Young, London, UK


Why focus can bring great clarity…

I read an interesting article this morning about a study done by Tania Lombrozo of UC-Berkeley about our childhood preference for purposeful design.

The study seemed to show that when we are children we look for purpose in all things: the rain falls, so we have water to drink – for example. Wondering whether this was a state of mind that we grew out of in adulthood Tania tested a number of Alzheimer’s sufferers and found that the entrenched causal beliefs of adulthood (eg: rain is part of the natural water cycle with no obvious ‘purpose’) were weakened. So much so, that they gave similar answers as the children.

The conclusion seems to indicate a natural preference for the mind to conserve energy by seeking to simplify our reality. More energy is used by the brain when we are considering complex ideas. This natural preference is only suppressed in adulthood but lurks in the shadows ready to conserve energy at a moment’s notice.

So what?

This made me think of my own multi-tasking habit. Having 101 things on the go, switching between projects at lightning pace must have a detrimental effect on the amount of energy my brain is using. The average brain uses 20% of all the energy consumed – so imagine the mental exhaustion if you constantly give it a lot of complex work to do all at the same time.

I certainly feel like that often.

So, if you are one that is stuck in a job you don’t like at the moment concentrate on one solution at a time. For the next 7 days, 2 weeks, 1 month – whatever you need, just consider one solution at a time. Focus.

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It takes effort so clear your mind of distractions

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