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Overcoming Your Fears…


I wrote a post on my other blog yesterday which features an excellent (short) video from Brendon Burchard talking about the three types of fear we feel when thinking about moving towards our goals.

Insightful, take a look here —-> READ MORE HERE

I encourage you to take 10 minutes to watch it if you do experience anxiety when making choices to follow your passions and interests – especially job related.

We get so hung up on security we actually limit our experience of life.

Take a look today – you’ll be glad you did.




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Take the opportunity today to write a list of things that you are afraid of.


For some this will be a short list and others it will be longer than it should. I for one am afraid of dying before I achieve a lot more than I have right now for instance. But give it some real thought, take a bit of time over it and write down everything that comes to mind.

It may surprise you just how long or short it actually is.

It’s funny how identifying our fears can actually diminish them. Once your list is complete, read it a few times. Notice how you feel about each item. You may feel some are silly, others irrelevant.

This execise in itself may spur you on to tackle some of those fears, some of which you may only think you have. We define ourselves in many ways and one way is through our fears – I’m afraid of heights, or spiders, or flying, or open spaces etc. Thing is, you may have been afraid once but that doesn’t necessarily mean you still are.

Find out which it is today.




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Take the opportunity today to STOP any critical self-talk.


Do you ever stub your toe and immediately shout something like: ‘You
stupid clumsy idiot, ahhhh!’?

Or maybe when chatting with a friend say something like: ‘Oh god, I’ve
got a terrible memory!’?

Or ever thought to yourself something like: ‘Well I won’t be able to
do that, I’m useless when it comes to stuff like that’?

Or something similar anyway. I for one am guilty of all three. But I’m
working on it. I realise that they are just my false paradigms showing
through. Or my fears being announced. Every time I find myself saying
negative things about myself, first I try to stop it, then if it gets
out I smile, say: ‘Cancel, cancel’ then reverse what I said into
something positive. This way, slowly but surely I’m creating new
beliefs about myself. Eventually I hope to eradicate all negative
self-talk from my vocabulary.

If it sounds silly, ask yourself – what harm can it do?




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