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Overcoming Your Fears…


I wrote a post on my other blog yesterday which features an excellent (short) video from Brendon Burchard talking about the three types of fear we feel when thinking about moving towards our goals.

Insightful, take a look here —-> READ MORE HERE

I encourage you to take 10 minutes to watch it if you do experience anxiety when making choices to follow your passions and interests – especially job related.

We get so hung up on security we actually limit our experience of life.

Take a look today – you’ll be glad you did.




PS: “Do You Hate Your Job?” will finally be available on Kindle as from today (fingers crossed) but you can still get a free copy —> RIGHT HERE

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What IS an Expert?


expert adj  having or showing special skill or knowledge derived from training or experience.

That’s how the dictionary in my home describes an expert.

The key here for me are the words: ‘…or experience.

So, there seems to be a difference between what You think an expert is and what I might think an expert is. I’m sure when it comes to brain surgeons, lawyers, electricians etc. we would opt for fully qualified, certified people that have been trained.

But their are many areas of knowledge where experience is equally important and maybe even more so than the training someone has had. Horse riding, running a successful business, innovating, inventing, selling – are all examples of endeavours where someone may be an expert without ANY formal training.

So here are my questions… are You an expert that has or hasn’t had formal training?

If so, do you teach others your knowledge?

Do you value training over experience or vice versa?

Is training useless without experience?

Interested to hear your thoughts.





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