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Apologies in advance – my NEW book for FREE!


Apologies in advance for doing a blatant plug post!

I have a NEW fiction book out, on Kindle only, called ‘The Foretelling: A Journey To Truth‘ co-authored with a friend of mine – and for the next 5 days it will be available as a Free download (this is a promotional period only after which it will go up to the exorbitant price of approx. £2).  😉

Unlike my main book this one is a fiction story full of adventure, mysticism and esoteric intrigue along the lines of Celestine Prophecy, The Da Vinci Code, Raiders of the Lost Ark etc.

For those with Kindles and that enjoy that type of thing please take advantage of this promotional period (and read the full description), go grab a copy now from: HERE

The only favour I ask is that you write a review of it sometime.




PS: It already has 4 reviews between 4 and 5 stars!


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