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What to do about feelings of jealousy…

This is November 4th of my book:  ‘How To Change Your Life One Day At ATime‘.

Take the opportunity today to let go of any jealousy you are feeling.

This process is so powerful I thought I’d dwell on it a while longer.

The more you use it the easier it becomes and the more likely you are to experience a breakthrough. When you can get to the point of allowing a negative emotion to dissipate until it is no longer dis- cernable you have successfully let go of it. That’s not to say continual practise is not necessary – it is!

The more you do it the better you’ll become and before you know it life will just seem easier, more joyful and relaxing.

Try it with jealousy. I used to find it difficult to tell the difference between jealousy and envy until I used a technique that gave me clarity. Envy means wanting the same as someone else, whereas jealousy means wishing to deprive someone of what they have so you can have it instead.

It’s only my opinion, but it certainly helps me to think of it that way.



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Take the opportunity today to get in touch with your envy.


Most people are envious in some way or another of someone else. We love the house they live in or the car they drive or the partner they’re with or the lifestyle they lead yada yada.

Then the guilt button might go on. Often people feel bad for feeling envious. There’s no need. Envy can be a good thing. Envy drives us on to create the same in our lives. Envy can be the fuel you need to reach your goals. Envy can be useful.

Jealousy however is envy’s darker sibling. Jealousy wants what someone else has. Not something the same or similar but actually what they have. Jealousy leads to lies and deceit and resentment. In the worst cases it can lead to hate, anger and crime.

So the next time you want what someone else has consider whether you are being jealous or envious. If it’s the latter, allow that to spur you on to get the same. Use what they have as a model. Even go as far as to ask them how they got what it is you want.

Good luck.



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