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How To Measure Your Health

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Are you as healthy as you could be?


There are many ways to measure your overall health and wellbeing but it’s not so easy to find definitive descriptions of what that means.

For instance the top 5  body health indicators seem to include:

  1. Your BMI score, a poor score could make you susceptible to type 2 diabetes
  2. Your biological age, an unhealthy lifestyle can leave your body thinking it’s a lot older than you actually are.
  3. Waist measurement, a waist measurement of less then 94 centimeters for men and 80 centimeters for women is regarded as healthy as our vital organs are housed in our waist area.
  4. Blood pressure, the Heart Foundation considers a normal blood pressure to be less than 120/80mmHg. More or less than this can leave you open to heart disease and strokes.
  5. Heart rate, 60-100 beats per minute is normal for the average person’s resting heart rate. Higher than that could mean your heart is working too hard which could lead to heart conditions or stroke.

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Full explanation of BMI HERE

Obviously, a good, balanced diet and regular exercise are important to keep our bodies fit and healthy.

But over and above your body health is your mental health. How relaxed you feel on a  day to day basis, how you deal with adverse circumstances, how you think of others as well as yourself can all lead to positive or negative mental states.

At the end of the day we all want to live longer, but usually only if we can remain healthy, active and reasonably stress free at the same time. If we are parents, we also want to set a great example to our kids so that they grow up to live healthy, happy lives too.

It won’t be long before I hit 50 so this is at the top of mind for me. I don’t feel at my peak level of health and fitness at the moment, I’m pretty good but not tip top – so I’m on a mission to change that. If I want to feel fitter and stronger even when I’m 60 or even 70 then I better start NOW.

How about You? Are you as fit and healthy as you should/could be?




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