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Take control of your lense


I was listening earlier today to an interview with Dana Wilde from Mind Aware (thanks Brad). She was describing how the mind works differently from the conscious and unconscious areas. She explains that the conscious mind is in charge of what we focus on at any time. This is certainly my understanding of it from my own learnings.

What dawned on me as I listened was just how important that aspect of our mind is in helping us to change our negative beliefs. I talk about this in my video The Bear Cycle. Your beliefs affect your thoughts which affect your feelings which affect the action you take. That action creates certain results which may or may not be in alignment with what you want in your life.

We credit so much influence to our subconscious (unconscious) and forget that we (our conscious selves) are in control of what we focus on and therefore what messages our subconscious mind receives.

Imagine there is a little YOU inside your mind steering a great big lense around your internal viewing screen. Little YOU can steer that lense over an area of the screen showing your past failures, OR, they could steer it over  the image of your vision board – high-lighting your dreams and goals.

The conscious YOU is in charge of little YOU so you can focus on what YOU decide. So take control of your lense and focus on those things that will move you positively forward in whatever area of your life you wish. Decide today to be more aware of what you are focussing on, if it’s negative, STOP, steer the lense to another part of the screen – zoom in and see how that makes you feel.




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