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How to see the bigger picture in your life.

This is October 24th of my book:  ‘How To Change Your Life One Day At ATime‘.

Take the opportunity today to chunk up.

Chunking Down helps you get specific, but Chunking Up helps you see the bigger picture. Both are useful techniques to help individuals get clearer about certain issues, but chunking can be a highly productive negotiation process.

Using Chunking Up one can get multiple parties to get agreement about common objectives whilst Chunking Down to find the details of the agreement.

An individual conversation might be something like this:

Q: ‘Why do you want to write a book?’

A: ‘Because I find it exciting.’

Q: ‘What’s exciting about it?’

A: ‘That I’m creating something completely new.’

Q: ‘And why would that be exciting to you?’

A: ‘I like the idea of other people getting enjoyment from my book.’

Q: ‘Why is it important that other people enjoy it?’

A: ‘Because if a lot of people enjoyed it I could earn a lot of money.’

Q: ‘And why would a lot of money be exciting to you?’

A: ‘Because I would be free to write more books.’

Q: ‘And would you get more enjoyment from getting even more money?’

A: ‘Of course, but the thought of people liking my work is more important.’

Q: ‘More important than the money?’

A: ‘Equally, I think! It would be great for thousands of people to like me and think I was creative.’

Hmm, I think I’m finding out something about myself here!! 🙂

Try it with a topic and see what answers you get – if you have a trusted friend or family member that could act as the questioner more the better.




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