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The Happiness Decision

6 minutes that could change how happy you feel…

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How to improve your shopping choices this Christmas.

This is November 18th of my book:  ‘How To Change Your Life One Day At ATime‘.

Take the opportunity today to shop in a local store.

I’m sure that it’s not only in the UK where our high streets are being stripped of independent shops and boutiques. Everywhere in the western world huge conglomerate companies are mopping up the consumer pound, dollar and euro by creating megastores where you can buy anything and everything.

Whilst this is very convenient, the knock on effect is that local shops can’t compete and go out of business. This leads to a homogenisation of the shopping experience. Everywhere is the same. The same big names selling the same big brands.

Our choice is diminishing rather than increasing. Also, entrepreneurs find it harder and harder to enter the market profitably.

Do yourself and your community a favour, especially at this time of year as we run up to the Christmas season – shop locally at those independent stores that are still in business. Maybe that way they’ll still be around in the New Year!





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