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How to implement the ‘Butterfly Effect’.

This is September 27th of my book:  ‘How To Change Your Life One Day At ATime‘.

Take the opportunity today to remember the nicest thing you ever did for someone.

If you’re a half way decent person you probably found that quite hard as you trawled through dozens of memories trying to find the nicest one.

I’ll let you into a secret – that was actually the point! 🙂

You see trying to figure out what the nicest thing was is impossible because you can’t know how you have affected someone when you do something nice. At the time they might just say ‘Oh, thanks for that.’ and you don’t hear any more, but unbeknownst to you that thing turns out on reflection to be massively influential for that person.

So what you think is the nicest thing may well be pretty good, but it might pale in comparison to something else you did that seemed quite small.

So the point of the guide?

Do nice things all the time no matter how small they are because you don’t know the long term effects of that action.

As the butterfly beats its wings and causes a hurricane, so every life has an effect beyond its comprehension. – Stuart Young




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