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How to BE who you want to Be.

This is November 22nd of my book:  ‘How To Change Your Life One Day At ATime‘.

Take the opportunity today to contemplate your Be-Do-Have paradigm.

In explaining how to BE who you want to Be the brilliant Neale Donald Walsch writes:

The ‘Be-Do-Have Paradigm’ is one way of looking at life. This outlook on life, if reversed, could change your life – for the better. Because what is true about this paradigm is that most people have it all backwards.

Most people started out (I know I did) with the understanding that how life worked was like this: Have-Do-Be. That is, when I HAVE the right stuff, I can DO the right things, and then I will get to BE what I want to be.

Example: When I HAVE enough money I can DO the thing called buy a house and I can BE the thing called secure. Want one more? Here goes: when I HAVE enough time I can DO the thing called take a vacation and I can BE the thing called rested and relaxed.

See how it works? This is how my father, my school, my society told me that it works. Life works this way. The only problem was, I was NOT getting to BE the things I thought I was going to get to BE after I had done all that I thought I had to DO, and had all the things that I thought I needed to HAVE. Or, if I did get to BE that, I only got to be it for a short period of time.


I have paraphrased the above due to the room I have, but essentially life works: BE-DO-HAVE , that is – BE what you want by DOing what you want and you will end up HAVing what you want, not HAVE-DO-BE.

Look at your life to date this way, and see what you recognise.

To find out about N. D. Walsch visit: http://www.NealeDonaldWalsch.com





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