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Press Release for NEW book…

NEW Inspirational book coming soon…


Filipino-American Personal Development Author Launches Inspirational Book with a Purpose

On July 30, 2012, Filipino-American Alpha Miguel-Sanford, the editor and founder of the personal development website Aspire.Motivate.Succeed! (AMSDaily) is releasing her second book, “The Best Inspirational Stories I Ever Read: Guide to a Purposeful Life,” as a way to help individuals define their understanding of themselves and start living a purposeful life. Her book also encourages readers to self reflect by answering guide questions that help assess their strengths, weaknesses, values and beliefs, which could also assist them to form a clearer vision of a purposeful life.

With a mission to offer her readers an inspirational book about living purposefully, Alpha was inspired to write this book months after launching her website in June 2011. The book, a collection of stories by seven writers (Avdhessh Arya, Ronald Colunga, Buenaflor Laoang-Rosete, Ria Rombaoa, Elizabeth Scala, Kenton Sefcik and Stuart Young) from around the world, focuses on self-confidence, relationships, family, health, dreams and goal-setting, aims to guide readers in defining their personal missions, talents as well as goals that contribute to creating meaningful lives.

Alpha works as a school leader at the Randolph Public School in Massachusetts, and understands the importance of education and how it contributes to the future of students, especially underprivileged children.  Hence, aside from the message that the book offers to the readers, it also aims to serve as a vehicle to help underprivileged kids in the Philippines to receive proper education. In collaboration with Mon Corpuz, the book cover designer and also the co-founder of the Black Pencil Project, Alpha will donate ten pencils to the Black Pencil Project for every book sale made.

The book released price is  $12.99 and will be available online athttp://amsdaily.net or http://alphasanford.com/ starting July 30, 2012. For exclusive offers, promotional discounts and free downloadable materials of the book, subscribe for FREE at http://amsdaily.net or become a fan of AMSDaily at http://facebook.com/amsdaily.



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