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Are you aware you are a genuine fake?


Seems a bit insulting doesn’t it?

I don’t mean it to be.

I was listening to another Alan Watts lecture where he explained the origins of the word ‘person‘.  It comes from the Latin ‘persona‘ or ‘of sound‘. This was the name given to the mask that actors wore which, some speculate, had a tiny megaphone shape at the mouth part in order to amplify the actor’s voice.

So what – I hear you say.

Interestingly, we call ourselves a person – which means we are saying we are a mask. And like the mask of the actors – we are playing a part. A part which is fake, and we wish it to be fake.

Some of us are playing the part of the hero, and some the part of the villain. The drama needs both parts in order to be interesting and captivating and exciting. But when the show is over, both hero and villain take a bow to rapturous applause.

Puts a new perspective on the villains of the world doesn’t it?

Food for thought.




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