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How To Ignore Negative Comments.

Cartoon of negative comment towards employee

Look familiar?

Stuart Young, London, UK


Do you ever get negative comments at work, or even about work?

Maybe they are comments about your skills or abilities, maybe they’re comments about your achievements or commitment.

If you think about them honestly you might even agree with some of them. If you do, maybe you are in the wrong job!

You could decide to avoid those negative people that you can, and ignore the negative comments of the ones you can’t. But that might be burying your head in the sand.

Maybe you hear negative comments when talking about your ambitions and dreams. If you think the comments are unwarranted then just say in your mind ‘They don’t know me’ every time they bring you down with words like:

…be realistic…’ or

…you’re no good at that…’ or

…I don’t think that’s your strength…’ etc.

As you learn to do this you will believe in yourself more and more. And that’s a good feeling.


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