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For all those living in fear…

Wise words from a wise man, it’s easy to allow government to limit our freedom when we are afraid of its consequences. But consider the consequences of limited freedom.

Benjamin Franklin

Freedom or security?

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Reclaiming Your True Identity

With the new year imminent please take the time to watch this enlightening video of Tony Robbins helping a woman identify who she really is.

It won’t be up for long so watch it quick…


CLICK HERE to watch the video

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What if…

if you....png

Here are some questions you might ask yourself:

Have I loved enough?

Did I tell those that I love that I love them?

Have I achieved what I wanted?

Did I discover and work on my purpose in life?

Have I been to the places I wanted to see?

Did I have as much fun as I could have?

Have I seen the people I love most as much as I could have?

Did I do things that mattered?

Have I done what I wanted enough?

Did I laugh as much as I could have?

Have I enjoyed my work?

Did I forgive those that wronged me?

Have I apologised to those I wronged?

Consider what you might ask yourself and add them in the comments. Then ask yourself this: If this isn’t my last day, what shall I do with it?





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Liberty or Security?

To all those that think more cameras, more intrusion on our privacy, more laws against congregation etc. are for our own good…


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Is it time to change?

~ Luna Adriana Ardiansyah

~ Luna Adriana Ardiansyah


What will it take for you to decide to change?

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So what is ‘life’?


According to one online dictionary, ‘life‘ is defined as:

The condition that distinguishes organisms from inorganic objects and dead organisms, being manifested by growth through metabolism, reproduction, and the power of adaptation to environment through changes originating internally.

I particularly like the last sentence; “…the power of adaptation to environment through changes originating internally.

So simply put, living is about finding ways internally to deal with our external circumstances. But how many of us aren’t really living, but merely surviving? Do you find yourself waiting for things to change to make your life better – your partner, the economy, your job? Or do you make things change by first deciding to, then taking action to make it happen?

I’m certainly guilty of waiting around for things to turn to my favour. I used to do that a lot – it didn’t get me anywhere. To be honest I still do it to some degree now, until I catch myself doing it and decide to grab life by the scruff of the neck and do something different.

What I do isn’t as important as my intention to make a change. As long as I’m doing ‘something‘ to make a positive difference to my life. Sometimes I make a mistake. Sometimes what I do can make things worse for a while. But I know with enough positive intention eventually I’ll make changes in my life that actually make my life more rewarding.

So if you’re waiting for something BIG to happen in your life, STOP. Get your thinking cap on and figure out just one thing that you can do to get the ball moving in a different direction.

Strive to thrive



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If you are afraid to let your creativity out…Watch:


Superb interview between Marie Forleo and author Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love).

If you ever wanted to quit it all and throw yourself into that book project but were too afraid. Or you wanted to risk it all to start that business idea, but were worried you might lose it all.

Elizabeth Gilbert saying it how it is and sounding like a breath of fresh air against all the ‘gurus’ who advocate “just follow your passion“.

Watch here:

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Why your ‘why’ is not enough.

Knowing your why

You need more than your ‘why’


I sent out my daily Ponder earlier then decided to blog about it here.

I was walking one of our dogs this morning and thinking about a property network presentation I saw last night. The speaker (Francis Dolley) used a note his daughter wrote him when they embarked on their property investing journey as his ‘must‘. The note simply read: “Dad, this has to work.”

Wow! Pretty compelling.

It reminded me of an interview between Frank Kern, John Reese and Tony Robbins. Frank asked how he could get more of his clients to implement the knowledge he taught them. Tony’s response was that the three of them were in a situation where they had to succeed. They were more afraid of the consequences of NOT creating the change and taking the action required than of taking it and potentially failing. And this was missing in most people.

John Reese then says something along the lines of most people haven’t got to the point in their lives where they must make a change, so they sit back and procrastinate a bit longer.


Now I’ve thought about this video a lot over the last few years and recognised that I had a ‘must‘ moment about 11 years ago (see My Story on this blog for more details) but since my life got immeasurably better I slowly mislaid my ‘must‘.

Now I’m on a mission to locate it again because I don’t want to get to the position where my back’s against the wall once more. I don’t want my must to be to move away from something so much, as I want it to go towards something; more freedom, more choices, more time in my life.

I think I’ve been thinking that I needed that urgency in order to motivate me again, but I don’t. What I need now is a vision. What I ‘must‘ have in my life. That’s what I’m going to identify as soon as possible, then I’ll use that as my rocket fuel.

Let’s not be the boiling frog. Allowing ourselves to become more and more uncomfortable as the temperature rises. Let’s discover our ‘musts‘ and allow them to propel us in to the future we desire.

Who’s coming?

Strive to thrive



PS: To watch that video go HERE

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The Secret to Happiness

Secret to happiness

The Happiness Formula


Tony Robbins is one of the leading lights in personal development. Here’s his insightful formula for happiness:

BP stands for Blueprint – this is how you think your life ‘should‘ look in one area or another. In your health, wealth, relationships etc. At this moment in your life.

LC stands for Life Conditions. Tony states that if our Life Conditions equal our Blueprint for how our life ‘should’ be then we are happy. If they do not match then we are not happy. If you find that your Life Conditions don’t match how you feel your life ‘should’ be right now – read on.

So, how can you change your situation if your Life Conditions do not match your Blueprint?

  • 1. Change your Life Conditions, or
  • 2. Change the Blueprint

Simple, but like a lot of simple things in life – not easy. The programming we’ve had throughout our lives can sometimes make it feel impossible to make the changes necessary. But all change is possible when it come to mindset.

If you’re not sure where to start, begin with considering a life coach.

Strive to thrive




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Datchet to Cookham on the River Thames… Slow the pace down…

Slowing the pace down from time to time is a good catalyst for making changes in your life – last Friday I did just that along with my chum Jon, pooling down the Thames at 5mph. Lovely. 🙂

Business in Berkshire

I’d helped RBWM with raising the £120k sponsorship for the Magna Carta Flotilla… now it was time to capture some pictures… first job, get up the River Thames to Cookham Friday afternoon…

This was my Saturday evening view… book your boat trip today >>>

There are rather a lot of pictures so let’s break this down into two blogs… first is our trip up The River Thames Datchet to Cookham… followed tomorrow by the Magna Carta images…

Pictures speak louder than words and I’d like to share them with you… videos can speak louder than pictures and there are a few of those… I had told the world I would share via MeerKat and @MagnaCarta1506 footage of the events, which I did but it means that the camera has gone into iPhone rather than iPad mode, so vertical which is a bit annoying… anyway, enjoy… I’ll add a few words…

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