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Take the opportunity today to focus on one thing at a time.


One of the terrible ailments I suffer from is ‘distractionitis’.
Sounds bad doesn’t it? I’m like a magpie in a tinfoil factory, I flit
from this thing to that thing to that other thing and back again. It’s
a miracle I managed to create the habit to write this blog every day.

I while back I went through Bob Proctor’s ‘Goal Achiever’s
Program’ and the biggest piece of advice my facilitator gave me was
‘focus’. Keep on with one thing until it’s done. That was hard to
hear. I’ve been like this for 46 years! I’m an artist for goodness
sake – I need my freedom of expression. Blah blah! The thing is I know
that he was right. I can get a lot of things done at once – I’m a
natural multi-tasker. But, if I want to get something done really well
I need to stop flitting around and just focus on that thing until it’s

This doesn’t mean you can’t get anything else done. Hey, we’ve all got
to pay the bills. The point is, if you have something that either
needs to be done or you really desire it to be done, then focus on that
thing as much as you can and allow all the other unimportant
distractions (TV, the pub, surfing the net, etc.) to take a back seat
for a while. You’ll be amazed at how productive you become.




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