Datchet to Cookham on the River Thames… Slow the pace down…

Slowing the pace down from time to time is a good catalyst for making changes in your life – last Friday I did just that along with my chum Jon, pooling down the Thames at 5mph. Lovely. 🙂

Business in Berkshire

I’d helped RBWM with raising the £120k sponsorship for the Magna Carta Flotilla… now it was time to capture some pictures… first job, get up the River Thames to Cookham Friday afternoon…

This was my Saturday evening view… book your boat trip today >>>

There are rather a lot of pictures so let’s break this down into two blogs… first is our trip up The River Thames Datchet to Cookham… followed tomorrow by the Magna Carta images…

Pictures speak louder than words and I’d like to share them with you… videos can speak louder than pictures and there are a few of those… I had told the world I would share via MeerKat and @MagnaCarta1506 footage of the events, which I did but it means that the camera has gone into iPhone rather than iPad mode, so vertical which is a bit annoying… anyway, enjoy… I’ll add a few words…

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