When was the last time you stopped and really evaluated where you are headed and why?

It’s possible things have changed since you set yourself on your present course.

Maybe it’s time for a course correction, a deviation onto a slightly different path. Maybe an about turn altogether.

How will you know?





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  1. I’ve been doing just that recently – work on the graphics/print front is a bit quiet at times so I’ve been getting more involved with community-building group Link4Growth. It’s a group that is based around stepping outside of our own boxes and re-connecting with the world on our doorstep, whether that’s individuals, businesses, charities, cultural projects etc. As a result, I’ve got to know some fab new people through meetings at pubs, coffee shops, colouring sessions, comedy evenings, wine tasting, lunches, canal boats & waterways and other stuff. As an off-shoot of that, I’m also helping to launch a new TV show on Google+ / YouTube which will discuss branding/marketing issues with a focus on recent news events and how we can apply solutions to our own businesses and way of working – I’ve actually started taking an interest again in art and design proper, as opposed to the repro-graphics that normally fills my working day. It’s great to be involved with things that are quite different to my normal choice of activities and to be challenged in ways that I would have shied away from in the past. it was time – and who knows what’s next!

  2. TiNa

    My Dearest Stu, I don´t know why but my life is so full of changes that I never know if I am coming or going. Some how things coming my way without any reason or any warning. Each time I Think I am on the right path, everything change, not because I want but because people around me turn things around. Sometimes I think that my life is not mine. Looks like if I am all the time doing things for others, helping others. Is that good or bad???
    To get away I like to travel, but sometimes I feel something is missing and I don´t know what. I am reading your book again ” How to Change your Life “. Thank you Stu.

    • Hi Tina, I know what you mean. 11 years ago I was in a similar situation (the story is at the start of my book). There is a way to find more clarity and my book will certainly help with that. Drop me an email if you want and I’ll try and speed the process up for you: stuart.young40@googlemail.com

  3. sharikul

    Literally in the past two weeks for me after I finished college. I realised that I have some bad habits that I can use the free time I have now to replace with good habits.

    Great post, Stuart.
    Sharikul Islam – http://beingworthyblog.wordpress.com

    • Thanks Sharikul, good to hear you are aware enough to spot your bad habits. One thing I would suggest is… make sure your new ‘good’ habits replace the benefits you got from the ‘old’ bad habits. 🙂

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